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Despite having a job in the IT industry and a pair of degrees from a technical school, Joseph Lallo is actively attempting to prove that you can make a career out of daydreaming aggressively, then committing the results to paper.

Between: 4

I almost didn’t make it, but here it is, the fourth episode. I’m going to have to remember to do at least one more post each week so these things don’t dominate the front page. — “No, no. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Between: 3

Here’s episode three! I had to deal with the issue of how to refer to the individual heads of a three-headed character. Hopefully I picked a clear method. — Philo Middleton’s memory was still very hazy. He couldn’t remember anything … Continue reading

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Apple promotes free series starters (like me!)

I’m astounded to report that once again I’ve blipped onto Apple’s radar! Users of iDevices might have noticed a little banner promoting FIRST IN A SERIES. (If you missed it, it’s right up there in the post.) This is an … Continue reading

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Between: 2

As promised, here’s the next episode of between. Head bonking and new character included. If you missed it, here’s Episode 1. I’ve already got most of the next one finished. — Philo scratched his head as he looked out the … Continue reading

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The Other Eight Official Release

The day has finally come. After sitting on a shelf for most of the last year and a half, my first foray into superhero literature is ready for the light of day. As always it is available from as many … Continue reading

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Between: 1

Hello there! Recently I started what I called “The Bad Idea Exercise,” in which I would write big long things that I knew I could never use, mostly because they were horribly contradictory to established canon, or because they were … Continue reading

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A New Review, an Approaching Launch, and Picking Brains

I’d like to start by thanking Beth over at Eat, Sleep, Read for her recent review of The Book of Deacon. You can find the review here. I’ve spoken with Beth via email and she expressed interest in conducting an interview, so if and when that … Continue reading

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Character Interview: Ma

I’m working on the next sci-fi book right now, and to be honest I’m having trouble getting into the flow of it. To try to get the juices flowing, I decided to do a character interview with Ma, the sci-fi … Continue reading

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Upcoming Chat (or Chats)

Hi everybody! This Saturday I’ll be hopping into the chat room on my site to discuss my upcoming projects. That means ideally we’ll be talking about The Other Eight, Free-Wrench, my third sci-fi book, and a few other short stories I’ve got … Continue reading

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Read An Ebook Week 2014

Hi folks! Just a short one, because this one sort of stuck up on me. Starting today it is once again that time of the year when I discount my ebooks over on Smashwords. That’s right, it’s Read An Ebook Week! … Continue reading

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