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I must say, I am a little surprised to be writing this. When I first started poking around with the idea writing down the story I had floating in my head, I never suspected that I might come this far. This is now the official place to learn about the Book of Deacon (and to a lesser degree the other things that are to follow) and to get in contact with me. Bear with me as I get up to speed, sprucing up the place and making it mine. In the mean time, feel free to leave a comment, or send me a message if you have any thoughts or questions. I’ll try to answer any messages I get.


  1. Hi Joseph, I have a few questions about your book “The Book of Deacon”. (I also posted these on amazon.com).

    I noticed that you chose to not use chapter breaks. I am curious why? Was that to conform to a certain style of writing? For example stream of consciousness writing.

    Also I can’t figure out the setting. It seems to be medeival Europe, but it also seems to be another planet altogether. What place did you have in mind when writing the book?

    Third question is how long did it take you to write the book, and why did you choose to self-publish? Seems like a good book…I would think a publisher would pick you up.

    Thanks for your time.

  2. Hi, Adam, thanks for your interest.

    I’d say it is fair to say that the lack of chapter breaks is a result of stream of consciousness writing. Not so much because I was going for that as a style, but because that’s just how I wrote the book. The entire trilogy was written from beginning to end as one big mush. I only had a very vague idea of how I wanted the story to go. As a result, I didn’t really organize my thoughts into chapters. On the same note, it was supposed to be one book, but it grew wildly out of control.

    The setting is definitely “Somewhere Else.” I hesitate to use the word planet, just because that has science fiction connotations, which was not my intention. The land sort of developed along with the story, until I had all of the geography I needed. I’d say, think of it as something along the lines of Narnia. A different world, rather than simply a different planet. Also, I never actually named the world, just the nations in it. That may change.

    There are basically two answers to the question of how long I took to write the book. The ideas that would eventually form the characters started to form back in second grade. I started scribbling ideas during high school, and the plot finally came to an end during college. So if you want to get technical, the STORY took something like twelve years to write, with many gaps of months or years in between. (Yeesh.) Once it became clear that this might make for a good book, it took about two years to chop it up, edit it, and proofread it as a whole. (Judging from the comments I’ve been getting, that proofreading step probably should have taken longer.) I was working, going to college, or BOTH during that time, so it took longer than it should have. Then I let my friends read it, and took about a month each to tighten up, format, and release the three parts.

    I’m glad you like the book, but the reason I self-published is because I got several dozen rejection letters from various literary agents who were not as fond of it. Finally a few of my friends suggested I just publish it myself. Now that I’ve done so, I find that I like the control it gives me, but if I get a chance to publish some of my future stuff traditionally, I’ll certainly consider it.

    I hope that answers your questions, and I hope you like the rest of the story. This reply was posted on Amazon as well.

  3. You are a genius. I have always looked for a book filled with magic mystery and adventure but none so ever pleased me than your trilogy! I write to praise you mind of imagination. You have truly shown your colors and I am glad I found such a remarkable book. I will forever be a fan of your book and your writing style!

  4. Hi Joseph, I am glad that I have read your book and very much satisfied, it kept me adventurously gripping at the end. Frankly, I am new to reading novels, it all started to improve my English but am already turning to 31 🙁 ..I have been regretting for not having to read books out of academia in my childhood. ..Now somehow managing to pick sometime to read the books in my busy life. I wish I could have the will-power as that of Myranda 😉 However, I loved your writing, and its style and must say that I am already your fan, can’t wait for the next book.

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