Bypass Gemini has arrived!

After debating with myself about how best to time the release of my next book, I decided that I may as well release it now. So here it is! Bypass Gemini, the first science fiction addition to my roster of novels. Unlike the Book of Deacon series, this is not intended to be the first part of a multiple entry story. Though I have every intention of making more of these, I’m hoping to keep the plot of each one more or less self contained.

If you’ve read any of my other stuff, you’ll probably notice a few significant differences between this an my earlier works. Overall, the tone is a little less serious and a lot less dignified. It doesn’t take itself as seriously as a story, and here and there I tried for a little bit of satire. Obviously the degree to which I have succeeded is entirely up to the reader to judge. The language is also a bit harsher. I think I removed any full instances of the seven dirty words, but it definitely isn’t rated G.

You can find it at Amazon or Smashwords, and over the course of the next month or two it should be showing up at pretty much any other eBook retailer. Take a look, and if you’re skittish, Smashwords should let you read the first half or so before you buy. If you DO pick it up, be sure to let me know what you think.