A Huge Milestone

The first installment of The Book of Deacon Trilogy showed up in the very beginning of 2010, and it really got off to a slow start. I sold perhaps three copies, anywhere, in the first few months. As time passed I started to get the hang of what little marketing was available to me, and I started so see some interest, but still very little in the way of sales. Once the second book was up, since wasn’t earning any money anyway, I took the advice given by a number of indie success stories and decided to make the first title free. This was a breakthrough. I started to get interest, then purchases, and even reviews. And most of them were actually GOOD!

Sales on Amazon, on the other hand, continued to creep along, and I had no way to make it free. For a long time I figured there was no point, since surely the massive selection on the Kindle would make me nothing more than a needle in a needle stack. (A crooked, homemade needle at that!) But Barnes & Noble was treating me pretty well, so I kept poking Amazon, and finally, as you know, they started a free promotion.

At noon today, just under three days after it went free, I passed ten thousand downloads of the free book. TEN THOUSAND! If you are reading this because you decided to grab a free copy and liked what you saw, WELCOME! I cannot thank you people enough for the interest and support! And the same goes for those of you who became fans even before this windfall. You were the ones that motivated me to come this far.

This experiment in self-publishing has taught me a lot, and there is still a lot to learn. For one, it is time to start looking into a professional proofreader. (Sorry for the errors, everybody!) I look forward to any feedback anyone may have, good or bad, and I’ll try my best to answer any questions I receive, but bear with me, this is new territory. Most importantly, I’ll try to continue writing stuff that people will enjoy.

Thanks again,

Joseph Lallo