A Huge Milestone

The first installment of The Book of Deacon Trilogy showed up in the very beginning of 2010, and it really got off to a slow start. I sold perhaps three copies, anywhere, in the first few months. As time passed I started to get the hang of what little marketing was available to me, and I started so see some interest, but still very little in the way of sales. Once the second book was up, since wasn’t earning any money anyway, I took the advice given by a number of indie success stories and decided to make the first title free. This was a breakthrough. I started to get interest, then purchases, and even reviews. And most of them were actually GOOD!

Sales on Amazon, on the other hand, continued to creep along, and I had no way to make it free. For a long time I figured there was no point, since surely the massive selection on the Kindle would make me nothing more than a needle in a needle stack. (A crooked, homemade needle at that!) But Barnes & Noble was treating me pretty well, so I kept poking Amazon, and finally, as you know, they started a free promotion.

At noon today, just under three days after it went free, I passed ten thousand downloads of the free book. TEN THOUSAND! If you are reading this because you decided to grab a free copy and liked what you saw, WELCOME! I cannot thank you people enough for the interest and support! And the same goes for those of you who became fans even before this windfall. You were the ones that motivated me to come this far.

This experiment in self-publishing has taught me a lot, and there is still a lot to learn. For one, it is time to start looking into a professional proofreader. (Sorry for the errors, everybody!) I look forward to any feedback anyone may have, good or bad, and I’ll try my best to answer any questions I receive, but bear with me, this is new territory. Most importantly, I’ll try to continue writing stuff that people will enjoy.

Thanks again,

Joseph Lallo


  1. Congratulations, sir! I’ll say that I’m one of the many who recently downloaded The Book of Deacon on Kindle during it’s free promotion. You might want to give a shout of thanks to Michael Gallagher – he included your book in his blog (Free Kindle Books Plus a Few Tips) – and it seems to be one of the most popular Kindle blogs available. I’ve had my Kindle for less than a week now, and yours was the first ‘recent’ free novel I downloaded.

    I enjoyed your book quite a bit, and I’ve purchased the next two volumes in the series, as well as Jade.

    1. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the book. Hopefully you like the others in the series. Though it goes without saying, I would recommend reading the full trilogy before reading Jade to avoid spoilers. And thank you for the heads up on Michael Gallagher. I knew there had to be SOME explanation for how I could have gotten so many downloads so quickly.

      1. Well, I’m just under halfway through the 2nd novel now; and I am liking it. You quickly put to rest my biggest concern from the first novel (from my amazon review) pretty quickly. 🙂

        If the level of quality keeps up, I’m sure I’ll be checking out your sci-fi offering eventually.

      2. Just wanted to let you know that I just finished the Battle of Verril. What a great concluding installment to the story. Now, it’s off to read Jade.

        1. As always, I thank you for reading my stuff, and it is great to hear that you liked it. I checked out your review on amazon. Thanks for that, too. Hopefully you enjoy Jade, but it is a very different type of story.

  2. Also there are several places where they collect all of the free books on Amazon onto one page. I know there are a lot of people (maybe not 10,000 worth though) who are ..for lack of a better word, addicted to that kind of thing… *cough*not me really*cough* The site I prefer is http://www.ereaderiq.com/free/ While I generally have to wade through a lot of crap to find the good stuff, every so often it pays off and I find a real gem. This series definitely fits the bill, so thanks again for writing it. Hopefully you’re getting lots of carryover into your other books from people who want to see how the story ends!

    1. Thanks for the additional insight, and I’m glad you consider this to be one of the gems. I’m happy to say that I am indeed seeing a fair number of people picking up the rest of the trilogy. Not enough to say, justify quitting my day job, but enough to potentially finance some professional help on the cover art and editing in the future.

  3. I am halfway through the The Battle of Verril, and I know I’m going to be sad when it is over- because it is over. I love a series that makes me fall in love with the characters and their story. I read a lot of Fantasy novels (I love me a good epic!), but they are rare in the Kindle Store. This trilogy definitely ranks up among my favorites. I’m so glad for your success and hope it continues.

    By the way, I would have paid more for the other books. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  4. Just finished all four of your stories and loved them all. I am excited to see such great work from a self published author…..I am a great fan of the genre, but yours was exceptional. Thank you for the escape.

    1. I’m really glad you liked the stories. Right now I’m on a little bit of a science fiction binge, but I’ll be back to fantasy soon enough. (I actually just finished proofreading the first draft of the next fantasy title I intend to publish, but it will be a while before I’m ready to release it into the wild.)

  5. I am almost done with the Book of Deacon, and I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed or been delighted by a book this much since I read Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon! Thank you sir for a VERY pleasant surprise! You have officially joined the ranks of my favorite authors, and I am inordinately picky about such things.

    I can’t wait to find these books in print. They are well worth collecting and re-reading until they fall apart! Best of luck on your writing career. Oh, and you should definitely quit your day job!

    1. Those are some of the most encouraging words I’ve heard. Thank you so much. You are now the second person to indicate you’d like to see the trilogy in print. I may have to start looking into this… As for quitting the day job? Well, I’m not there yet, but it is looking more plausible now than it ever has.

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