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So it seems that some of the mystery surrounding the inexplicable success of my free kindle book has been revealed. Michael Gallagher, the man behind the excellent and useful Free Kindle Books and Tips blog, saw fit to do a post on The Book of Deacon. You can find the specific post here. Thanks for the publicity, Michael! (And thanks to Irving for pointing it out in the comments for the milestone post.)


  1. You, sir, should not be amazed at the “mystery surrounding the inexplicable success” of your Kindle books. These stories are very good and speak for themselves (minus the errors – sorry, I’m a red pen fiend). I found out about them on POI (Pixel of Ink) and have been telling all of my friends what a great stories I discovered. Thank you for sharing them and not keeping them bottled inside of your head!

    1. Thanks for the praise, and for spreading the word. Regarding the errors, I might have an announcement to make about them in a few days. (Fingers crossed.) It seems Pixel of Ink sent a fair number of people my way. I’ll have to thank them, too. And as for letting the stories out of my head? No thanks necessary. If I let those characters keep rattling around in my head without getting them down on paper (or ePaper, as the case may be), I’d have gone crazy. Or at least driven my friends crazy.

  2. got the free e-b00k Book of Deacon at B&N and bought the rest of the trilogy. have pretty much the same comments as others — needs editing for typos, no chapters was distracting, but loved the books.

    why did you self-publish instead of going with a publisher such as Baen or Tor or Bantam?

    1. Thanks for picking up the books. As always, I’m glad you liked them. As for why I didn’t go with a publisher? It wasn’t for lack of trying. Getting a book traditionally published is pretty tricky, it turns out. Of the dozens of literary agents I contacted, none even requested the full manuscript, and most didn’t even take a look at a sample before deciding it didn’t fit their current needs. I don’t blame them. I’m sure these people get hundreds of query letters a day. Giving every book serious consideration would be nearly impossible. It was frustrating to know that the quality of my book wasn’t even part of the equation, though. The entire process felt like a lottery. After getting an awful lot of form letters with gently worded rejections, or outright not getting a reply, I decided on self-publishing. It hasn’t been without its pitfalls. I have no doubt that The Book of Deacon, had it been put through the steps a professional novel goes through, would have been a better book. There would have been an editor to take care of the errors and I would have been warned to chapterize it, for starters. Despite that, I don’t regret the decision. At least this way, people are reading my stuff.

  3. All I have to say about your trilogy lingers around the word Wow, I haven’t been able to put my phone down for the last two weeks, looking forward to the sequel.

    Good luck and thank you for these masterpieces.

    1. Hey, I’m not the only one using my phone to read eBooks! (I’m actually 2/3rds of the way through re-proofreading Book 2 on my phone right now!) Thanks for the good wishes. Once I finish a second Sci Fi book, it is back to the Book of Deacon Series. A friend of mine is looking over the rough draft of a distant sequel at this very moment.

    1. Also, would you be willing to bestow me the honour of looking over a rough draft of a possible cover for if your books go paperback? Loan and ivy fit under my art style

        1. I know all too well the sort of havoc electronic correction can cause when you are using nonstandard words. (Mine wanted to call him Lane.) A paperback is still a distant “maybe” right now, but I do plan on having some fancy covers made. I’ll probably end up posting them on the site when they first come in, so you’ll certainly get a look at them before they go to the presses. I’ll be sure to make posts when I find an artist, when I’m brainstorming cover ideas, and at every other step of the process.

    2. Book 1 was initially published on January 29th, 2010 on Amazon.com. It showed up online around February 2nd. I published it on Smashwords.com that same day. Since then it has been showing up in the various other faces of Amazon and distribution partners of Smashwords.com as they became available.

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