I’m going to NYCC (Sorta)

Just a quick update to any folks on the east coast, particularly the NYC area. The New York Comic Con is October 13-16th this year, and is once again being held at the Jacob Javits Center. I will be attending! Professionally! However, the profession won’t be “author.” Instead, I’ll be there representing my other major side project, BrainLazy.com. Thus, I’ll be milling about with a press badge, taking notes, asking questions, and generally absorbing information. That said, if any of you good people will be there, feel free to drop me a line if you want to meet me and the rest of the BrainLazy crew. (Incidentally, these are the same people who proofread and critique my books before I publish them, and are basically responsible for the creation of the characters of Oriech and Desmeres.)

It is a little early for me to be planning what days and times I’ll be there, or whether or not I’ll be doing anything special, but as I nail down plans, I’ll spread the word.