Deacon has arrived

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up, The Great Convergence now has a high quality cover! This time around Myranda partners up with Deacon.

The namesake of the series finally shows up!

Quite the formidable pair, eh? I have no doubt that I’ve been driving Mr. Deligaris completely insane with my incessant emails, but he’s nearly there. Just one more cover to go! The next one is set to feature a trio of characters. Myranda will be joined by two members of The Chosen. I just sent a rundown of what I considered to be key details, then another panicked email with more details, then I had to physically prevent myself from sending yet another. It is like I’m sending my kids off to their first class picture or something. Once all three covers are done, and any potential final adjustments are made, I’ll get maximum resolution copies and push them to all of the retailers. I can’t wait.

Until then, thanks for reading.

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