Here it is, the third cover!

Technically this was finished on Friday, but after some technical issues took down my site and email, I didn’t find out until today. As far as I am concerned, it is well worth the wait. See for yourself.

Lain and Ether have joined the party.

Once again I am astounded at the ability of this artist to capture so much of the character within the image. Ether is a fiery spectacle, ready to pour all she is into the battle. Lain manages to be an indistinct shadow, focused on the task and little else. There are loads of details I love. Spectacular.

I’ve given this the thumbs up, so he’ll be looking over all three, making any tweaks he feels are necessary, then delivering the full size ones. Once that happens, I’ll push updates to all of the relevant locations and watch as the excellence trickles out into the wild. I’ll also update the contents of the book to credit the excellent Nick Deligaris for his work. This concludes what so far has been my absolute favorite part of the self-publishing process. I created these characters long ago, and they’ve been running around in my head, but it wasn’t until now that they really had any sort of tangible form. It is unreal to see them rendered with such skill.

The professional edit of the first book should be showing up near the end of September, so this cover represents the last significant update I’m likely to have for a while. The next book is creeping along, but a remarkable variety of things have managed to force me to set it aside recently, from the arrival of a review copy of a highly anticipated game to an earthquake. I’ll keep at it, though. Until then, what do you folks think of the covers? Have you got any other suggestions of steps I should take to improve the books? I look forward to your replies.

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