A Letter From The Editor

Late last night I got a message from Anna Genoese, the editor who has been working on Book 1 of the Trilogy, and guess what it said? The polished up copy is finished! I skimmed through it today, and the degree to which my grasp of the English language differs from the official one is downright horrifying. I sent my sincere thanks to her, along with a few points of clarification. Once everything is squared away, I’ll have to tweak the version she gave me into something that fits the format requirements of Smashwords and Amazon. Once that’s done, and I’ve delivered my final payment to her, I’ll push it live.

I’d like to make a few things clear before this edit goes live. First, this is merely a cleaned up, proofread version. No scenes have been added or removed, so for those of you who have already completed it, the story you know and love (or hate) remains intact. Second, as always, even after I push the update, it will be a while before Amazon will send out update notifications, and if you don’t mind the typos, feel free to ignore the notification when it comes.

Now that this edit is nearly out of the way, I’m officially left with nothing going on in the background. I’ll have to wait until I know precisely where I stand regarding finances before I move forward with either sending off Book 2 for similar treatment or having covers made for the remaining books. Until then, you can check out the recently added Coming Attractions section under books on the menu above in order to see a slice of the current book I’m working on. I’ve got some vacation coming up from my day job. Maybe I’ll get a chance to churn out a few chapters.

As always, thanks for reading.

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me that you good folks might want to see what a professionally proofread and polished manuscript looks like. Well, here’s a picture! (Click for full size.)

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