I’m not sure if it is an alignment of the planets or just dumb luck, but in the past week or so I have had three eBook blogs tell me that they were interested in reviewing The Book of Deacon. First was Pure Textuality, who I found out will be looking at my book immediately following GAME OF THRONES. (Not too confident about comparing favorably to one of the greatest works of Epic Fantasy in recent memory.) After that came Ebook Apothecary, and then Best O’ Books. I cannot say enough good things about these blogs. Even ignoring their excellent content, the people behind each of these sites have been pleasant and helpful without exception, and you can be sure that I’ll jump at the chance to work with any of them again in the future. At the moment, Best O’ Books and Ebook Apothecary have both posted their reviews. You can find the Best O’ Books review here, along with a short guest post by me. The Ebook Apothecary review is here. If you get a chance, please check them out.

After batting a few ideas around and bouncing them off of my braintrust, I’ve decided that my next big expenditure for the books will be a professional polish for The Great Convergence. My friends and I have done our best to wring out as many typos and name-swaps as possible, but considering this is at least the third time we’ve done so, the chances are very good that we’ve still missed some. The idea of someone reading through the professionally primped Book 1 for free, then dropping hard earned dollars for a flawed sequel strikes me as something of a bait and switch, so I’m trying to see to it that the full trilogy gets the same expert treatment ASAP. I sent a message to my trusty editor, but she’s in high demand, so it will be at least a few months before I see a corrected version.

If sales continue to defy all explanation, I’ll probably be getting covers made for Jade and the Sci Fi books next, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The Sci Fi sequel isn’t even done yet. (It is nearly as long as its predecessor, though, with a fair amount of plot to go. Good news for fans of my longer stuff, I guess.)

Until next time, thanks for reading.

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