A New Review!

Hi, everyone. Pure Textuality has posted their review of The Book of Deacon. If you have a moment, please check it out. I can’t thank them enough for giving my book a chance. The same naturally goes for Best O’ Books and Ebook Apothecary for their reviews as well. The amount of praise and support I’ve received is flattering beyond words. PT is planning on adding interviews to their site, and I’m lucky enough to have been asked to contribute. Hopefully I can provide interesting or useful answers to whatever questions she may have for me.

I’ve started working out the specifics for the professional edit of my second book, but based on the feedback of a very helpful reader, I am confident that the current revision has taken care of all but a few major errors. That means that the editor will only need to iron out the finer details, like the perplexing conundrum of when to use a hyphen, or my old foe the semicolon. The money for that has been set aside, but while I was initially hoping to get covers for the rest of my books with the next chunk of money earned, it was brought to my attention that I should probably be thinking about how much of my earnings Uncle Sam is likely to want. Silly me, never anticipated earning enough for that to be a concern. I guess this is the self-publisher’s equivalent of puberty: Not the most pleasant experience, but at least it means you’re growing up.

Until the next piece of news, thanks for reading.


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