Pure Textuality Reviews The Great Convergence

I just wanted to give everybody the heads up, Pure Textuality has posted their review of The Great Convergence, the second book in the Trilogy. Check it out here!


  1. I am a reader. I do not own a Kindle, but I do have a “Kindle for my PC” I thought that Amazon and newer authors participaticating in free books on Amazon was a great way to introduce newer authors to the general public was a great idea.
    I follow authors as oppossed to Genre – whether its Fantasy – Sci Fi – Suspense/Mystery etc. It is fun to find some one who I can entrust with my imagination.
    I will be buying your books in the future.
    Good Luck & Fair Winds

    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree, providing a free book on Amazon and the other book sites is definitely a great way to take the risk out of trying a new author, particularly when it comes to self-published works. I’m happy to know I’ve earned your support.

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