More Reviews, and a Fancy Map

Hello once again!

Just a quick update, this time. I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback on the map I was working on, but I decided to brush it up and push it out anyway, just as a placeholder until someone with a greater degree of cartographic skill can come along and tell me what I should have been doing or what I’m missing. I’ve got a topic going in the forum for anyone who wants to make comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

This Map is a cartographic Frankenstein's monster.

For those who are interested, the nifty coastline effect was achieved primarily through a method I learned about here, the mountains, trees, and waves came from here, the paper effect came from here, and the font comes from here. The compass rose in the corner is 100% me, though. Many thanks to the respective creators of the respective components for giving me the tools to make art despite a complete lack of artistic skill on my part.

While I’m handing out thanks, I would also like to thank The Akamai Reader for the recent reviews of the books of the trilogy. Head on over to check out her reviews of The Book of Deacon, The Great Convergence, and The Battle of Verril. I’m very pleased that my writing continues to catch the eye and earn the praise of book blogs all over the internet.

That’s all for today. Thanks, as always, for reading.