“Unstable Prototypes” has hit the shelves!

Well, the virtual shelves anyway. I realize that most of you found your way to this site thanks to my fantasy books, but I’ve also written some science fiction as well. The first book, Bypass Gemini, was written after I had finished brushing up Book 3 of the trilogy and had released Jade. Basically I asked my friends “What should I write next?” I got the answer “You should write some science fiction.” (It turns out this was a veiled attempt to get me to write something about time travel. Not knowing this, I wrote something that was in no way related to time travel.) Bypass Gemini was released in early May last year. Two weeks later, The Book of Deacon went free on Amazon and my sales EXPLODED. Expecting this to be short lived, I decided a second science fiction book was in order. Having a second series, I reasoned, would give me a fighting chance to cause a second little blip later on.

Now it’s nine months later, the first “blip” hasn’t ended, and the second sci-fi novel is done.

It is called Unstable Prototypes, and it is a unique novel in a lot of ways. First, at a hair less than 160,000 words, it is my longest single novel to date. It also represents the first novel written after getting fan feedback. There are two characters in the first book, Karter and Ma, who were big favorites among the small batch of fans who read the first novel, so I decided to center the story on them. Hopefully I didn’t lose the magic that made them so fun for readers the first time. This is also the first book to debut with fancy cover, rather than starting with a mediocre creation of my own. In order to make sure people know that they are indeed part of the same series, I’ve replaced the Bypass Gemini cover with a commissioned cover, too. I’ve also updated the format of the Amazon file to include a table of contents, by the way.

Speaking of the sci-fi series, it has highlighted a fairly common problem for me. I can’t think of a name for it. You have no idea how many times I’ve spit-balled this with my friends and family, and we’ve yet to come up with a worthwhile name. It is my hope that people will come up with their own, and I can just use that one.

At any rate, Unstable Prototypes is for sale right now at both Smashwords and Amazon, with the rest of the retailers to follow in a few days/weeks.

Just to avoid having a whole post on BookOfDeacon.com without providing any news about The Book of Deacon, I’d like to point out that there are three brand new pictures in my fan art gallery, by a reader named nami. Head on over and check them out!

Until next time, thanks for reading!


    1. Thanks! Hope you like them. I’m definitely looking forward to picking out some new parts for the PC. At the very least, it will be nice to have a PC that doesn’t sound like an outboard motor.

    1. Evidently the fourth wall is broken and my characters are leaking out. Who would have thought fantasy characters would have such strong opinions about sci-fi?

  1. Guess they need their “own” escape. As long as it’s not Ether! “Sci-fi? Only a human would try to comprehend a world outside of their own. It’d be impossible for their puny brain to wrap around, and be a total waste of time. Like this is, attempting to have any kind of intelligent conversation.” as she slips back into the fire….

    1. Hi! I’m glad you liked the trilogy, and I hope you like Jade as well. I’ll do my best to keep these stories coming. Thanks for the comment!

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