Fan-made Jewelry

Hi everybody! Just a quick one today, but it was too cool to keep to myself. A few days ago Amy, a long time fan and the first to review each of the Deacon books on Amazon, popped by the site to see what sort of new happenings were afoot. After seeing what the rest of you were saying and doing, she shared with me an idea she’d had for a pendant. Then she went ahead and MADE it!

Chosen Pendant, by Amy from Bright Jewels

Pretty neat, huh? And particularly cool for me, because it uses elements from the original cover for the first book. The one that I designed! She calls it a mockup, but I think it is looking pretty good already. You can see more of her designs over at her Etsy Shop, Bright Jewels. Check it out! THEY ARE AVAILABLE NOW! Check out the comments to see how you can get a special fan discount!

Just so you don’t have to go looking around, here’s the original cover that inspired the pendant.

The Book of Deacon


    1. I’m giving her sign-off now. Then it will be up to the mastermind behind the design to decide when and how they will be available. I’ll definitely spread the word when it happens, though.

  1. Wow, that was a fast response! Let me work out the details with Joe, and if he agrees I’ll post it for sale on Etsy and I’ll post the link back up here. Any favorite between the plain one or the sparkly one? 🙂

  2. Alrighty, both pieces are posted on Etsy. If (by some crazy miracle…) someone has purchased them already, just send me a message – I have supplies on hand to make more of the plain style. I’ll order some supplies to make some rings as well.

    I’ve set up a fan discount – it applies to the entire shop: for 15% off of your order from me, enter the code DEACON10 at checkout!

      1. I was offered royalties, but I turned them down. I feel like I’ve had plenty of success with the books. It seems only fair to pay it forward to another aspiring indie artist.

    1. The covers I made as posters? I honestly hadn’t even considered that. On the plus side, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying royalties or buying rights. I just need to see if I can generate them at the proper size.

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