Status Updates and a New Review

Hello once again! A few things worthy of note this time around. My ongoing effort to get all of my books professionally polished has taken another step forward. As of late yesterday, Amazon and Smashwords accepted a revised version of The Great Convergence. It should trickle out to the Smashwords Premium Catalog over the course of the next few weeks. I’ve already shipped out the next manuscript to the editor, and if all goes according to plan I’ll be signing the payment agreement soon and the edit should be ready for June. Unstable Prototypes is still in the approval step for Premium Catalog, too, so you Nook and iPad users are unfortunately going to have to wait a bit longer before you can purchase it through your dedicated bookstores.

The paperback edition of The Book of Deacon (Book 1), I’m sorry to say, has not taken any steps forward since I last mentioned it. I’m of the opinion that the cover needs a tweak or two, and until my highly skilled (and therefore extremely busy) artist can take a look at it, I don’t want to send it off for production. This isn’t an ebook, after all. I can’t provide free corrections if it makes it into your hands with glaring errors. Thus, I’m taking it very slowly, though I have no doubt in my mind that it will have plenty of errors despite my best efforts.

While we wait, though, I suppose I’ll ask a question, and I’ll probably toss it up on the Facebook Fan Page, too. I’ve had a number of requests for autographed copies of the paperback when it becomes available. Now, I’m always happy to try to find a way to oblige requests like that, but my options are fairly limited. I’m not one of those big-shot authors who can traipse across the country doing a signing tour, I’m afraid. I could potentially set up an address for you folks to ship your books once you buy them, then sign them and ship them back, but that’s a major hassle for all involved, and kind of pricy thanks to all of the shipping. Another option would be for me to pick up a pile of books myself, then you buy them directly from me, and I sign them and ship them off to you. Yet another possibility would be for me to have some fancy stickers or cards printed up, then sign and mail them out when requested, and you can stick them in the book yourself. What would you folks prefer? And more importantly, how many of you would be interested?

Finally, a while back a blogger by the name of Small Blonde Hippy posted a teaser from The Book of Deacon, and today she posted a review. Check it out.

Thanks for reading.