Paperback Ahoy!

It looks like at some point in the last few days the paperback edition of The Book of Deacon quietly went live on Amazon. You can find it here! Currently it isn’t linked to the Kindle Edition in anyway, but I’ll be in contact with Amazon about that, and assuming they merge the two pages, one or both of the product pages will change. I’ll do my best to keep the links on the site up to date.

Now, if all you want is a physical copy of the book, feel free to place your order now. If you want an autographed copy, we’re working on a formal method for ordering one now, but in the mean time, send me an email at au********@bo**********.com">jrlallo+au********@bo**********.com to reserve your copy. In the email you should tell me your full name, how many copies you would like, and how you would like them made out. I’ll get back to you ASAP to acknowledge your request, and when things are ready on the back end, I’ll email you again to get your shipping info and give you the payment details. Note that the price for an autographed copy is probably going to be $12.99 + shipping, the same price as the retail sites… except I’m not a massive corporation, so I can’t really offer free shipping. Like everything else in this crazy experiment in self-publishing, this is entirely new ground for me, so please be patient, I’ll do my very best to handle it correctly.

I am probably going to wait a bit to see if I get any positive or negative feedback on the first paperbacks before I move forward with editions for books 2 and 3. As for other versions? I know I’ve got a few of you out there who are hoping for a hardcover. The jury is still out on that one. I should be able to make a limited number of them, but right now I am not deep enough into the process to even give an estimate of when (if ever) I’ll be able to get that ball rolling toward completion. I suppose the only other book format that it is even remotely within my power to produce is an audiobook, but I’ll tell you right now that the chances of me ever producing one of those are exceedingly low. I simply don’t have the time or resources to do it properly right now, and a poorly made audiobook is a pretty torturous experience.

Let’s see, what other announcements can I make… Well, back when I needed to get the cover tweaked, I made a list of new art bits to be made, and those have been shipped off to the artist, so the chances are good that the next time I do a post, it will be showing off one or more sketches from Nick. Among other things, there should be a picture of a certain little dragon…

Thanks for reading!


    1. Kevin, I believe you can email him at the above address to request your autographed copy. He tweeted the other day that the first shipment of books had arrived!! 🙂

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