PAX East, A Review, and Other News

Hi everybody! As I mention occasionally, in addition to my day job and my writing, I am a contributor to a game and humor website called For the third year in a row, BrainLazy will be attending PAX East as media! For those of you who are unaware, PAX East is a Boston spinoff of a west coast video game convention called Penny Arcade eXpo (now called PAX Prime). My friends and I will be attending all three days of the event, scurrying from booth to booth, interviewing game makers, and generally being incredibly busy. As a result, while I usually try to be very on the ball with comments and emails, you might see some lag during the convention. Since during my day job I’m a contractor and don’t get any paid time off, the three days I take for this event are generally the closest thing I get to a vacation. That said, I’ll try to dedicate a few minutes a day to moderating the comments and answering the emails. If any of you are attending the event and would like to meet, send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

I also got an email from Ebook Apothecary, informing me that a review of my first sci-fi book, Bypass Gemini, had been posted. You can find it here! As always, my thanks go out to her for selecting the book, and I’m proud to say that it earned a high score and high praise. She has now become the second person to inform me that a certain scene in the book made her go cross-eyed, which is a rare achievement for a book, I think you’ll agree.

Speaking of the sci-fi books, for some reason Barnes and Noble has yet to get the eBook version of Unstable Prototypes listed, but I’m led to believe it will be up by this Friday or next. We’ll see. Meanwhile, the paperback version of The Book of Deacon is now available on their website (you can find it here) and at the time of this post it is cheaper there than anywhere else, so if you are a bargain hunter, check it out.

I’ve already received a handful of requests for autographed copies of The Book of Deacon, but I haven’t managed to get the official purchase link up. I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll have one up by Wednesday, just in time for me to go away on a long trip. (Hey, I never said I was business savvy.) However, if those of you who have already requested your books (you know who you are) have got paypal accounts, I might be able to get your books signed and sent to you before the official link is up. Send me an email if you are a current paypal user and are impatient, and I’ll tell you what you can do to take a shortcut around my payment system.

The last bit of news is that, after an innocent question about whether or not it was appropriate to start my own wiki or Wikipedia entry (predictably, it is considered to be something between a faux pas and an outright violation of guidelines), I inadvertently inspired a few people to start working on putting one up for me. Many thanks to all involved, and I’ll be sure to link it once something goes up.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading!


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