Back From Boston, and Open For Business

Hello once again! Well, PAX East is behind me, having brought with it awesome New England food, video games, and general geekery in near overdose levels. It was what you might call a working vacation, and the mound of notes I brought back is going to be keeping me busy with my other other job for a week or two. That doesn’t mean that I’ve completely taken off my indie author hat in favor of my phoney baloney game journalist hat entirely. No sirree! For one thing, the first round of requests for autographed books have been signed, packaged, and shipped. If I did everything right, the first of them should be arriving at its destination on Monday. (Fingers crossed on that one, by the way. I’m a shipping novice.) How did they get their hands on their books, you ask? At my brand spanking new store, of course! Right now my one and only “product” is a copy of the paperback with my scribbled signature on the front page, but I’m working on adding a thing or two to my inventory. I’ll be sure to spread the word when I do.

Also, in my absence the folks at Pure Textuality saw fit to pick up the final book of the trilogy and write a review. You can check it out here. My continuing thanks to the folks at that site for their continuing interest and enthusiasm for my books.

The other big, and confusing, news is that someone has approached me to negotiate producing a Bulgarian language edition of The Book of Deacon. … I cannot begin to articulate how bizarre it is to be writing that. There is a profoundly complex sequence of legal hurdles to be navigated before such a thing can occur, and I’m not entirely certain I’m going to go through with it, but it certainly has been an interesting thing to think about.

On the off chance than any of you are intellectual property attorneys with advice to share on the subject, feel free to comment. Otherwise, thanks for reading!