Book 3 Edit Done, and a Book Recommendation

Hi everybody! Sorry for the long wait between posts, but things have been pretty quiet around here lately. At least, until a few days ago, when I received the edited manuscript for The Battle of Verril back from the editor. I’m currently massaging it into the required formats for publication, at which point I’ll push it live. Once that’s done, all three books in the trilogy will have received the professional treatment, which means a few things. For one, it means that I’ll be able to ship out the final manuscript to the Bulgarians for translation. (By the way, my brother has pointed out that my periodic reference to “The Bulgarian Deal” makes it sound like I’m living in an old Guy Ritchie movie.) It also means that all is in readiness for me to start looking into getting paperbacks made of Book 2 and Book 3. That will require me to pick out some sterling quotes to slap on the back cover of each, which will be tricky, because there are comparatively few “official” reviews of those books. I’ll also see if my artist can wedge me into his schedule to fiddle with the covers to fit the format, and to do that I’ll need page counts and… you know what? One thing at a time.

In other news, a long time fan by the name of Karen Graham has completed a book of her own! I’m honored to say that my own experiences in self-publishing helped inspire her to take the plunge and publish her own story, and I’m further honored to have been one of a handful of people asked to look at it prior to publication. I can thus state with full confidence that it is really quite good! You can find it here. It isn’t in one of my usual genres, falling into Mystery/Thriller/Women’s Fiction territory, but the story and characters were well formed, and the use of language was superb. It is worth checking out, if you’re in the market for a slow, subtle story about tragedy, loss, and the scars they leave.

That’s about it for news right now. I’m hoping that, by the next time I talk to you, I’ll have some news regarding some of the many back burner projects, but only time will tell. Thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah! It is so exciting to hear that your books will be available in print soon – not that I don’t love ebooks; however, I can’t wait to hold (and read) a paper copy! All the best to you as I wait (somewhat) patiently. It is great to actually be able to contact a favorite author!

    1. It is great to actually BE a favorite author! Yep, The Book of Deacon (Book 1) has been doing better than I expected as a paperback, and now that I’ve got a firmer grasp on the process, getting the second two done should be easier. The hard part will be finding the time. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully my artist gets an opening in his schedule soon and I can get rolling on the next paperback. Meeting fans… It would be cool, and much as I’d love to do a book tour, that’s not really anywhere near feasible right now, I’m afraid. I’ve got a job with no paid time off, and while the books are doing pretty darn well, I’m not comfortable quitting the day job to do the full-time author gig. I’m glad he’s liking Book 2 though. I hope he likes it all the way through.

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