A New Interview

Book news seems to come in waves for me. I received not one but two requests for interviews in the same 24 hour period! The first was from my Bulgarian friends, who seem interested in including a brief interview as a bonus for Bulgarian readers. That one, naturally, will have to wait until the (potential) release of the Bulgarian Edition before I can spread it around. However, the mind behind Deleyna’s Drift contacted me about helping contribute to a blog post about why indie books are good for readers. Click here to read the blog. I’m rather proud of this particular interview. Not only is it one of the longest ones I’ve been a part of, it evidently may be used in part for a writing class! Neato! Incidentally, the rapid-fire interviews have illustrated to me that the most difficult question for me to answer is “describe yourself.” It is not a subject I’ve ruminated upon at great length, and I never know what qualities are therefore remarkable. Must introspect for a while…

Thanks for reading!


  1. And thank YOU for being so open and transparent. I’m tremendously proud of that interview, too. I think it is going to encourage a lot of folks.
    I finally realized who your writing reminds me of — Anne McCaffrey. Not just the dragons. (Rolling eyes) It is the way you handle characters. There’s a richness to them, a richness of family and interaction. Your books are satisfying in that I can see some things coming, and enjoyable in that you usually don’t go with the predictable. It is in those moments when I say, “oh, I see where this is going…no…wait!” that I find myself sputtering, flipping pages as fast as my ereader can handle and thoroughly enjoying the ride.
    I’ve worked with writers for years. I’ve seen bad writing get published and good writing get revised to death. I’m so thrilled you didn’t go mainstream. I think you would’ve made it in, oh, 15 years or so…and we’d have missed out on the adventure and all of the great books you are churning out! Love it!

    1. Thank you very much. It really feels good to know that you’ve enjoyed my writing so much, and that I could bring to mind one of the greats of the genre!

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