Lots of New Fan Art, and Other News

Happy Monday, everyone! As I’ve made quite clear, I’m a sucker for fan art. I’m always completely enthused when I discover that something I’ve written has inspired someone with artistic talent I wish I had to produce a work of art. That’s why I’m thrilled to say that Deviant Art user catseathedevil is a fan of the series. She’s already created three images, depicting five of the characters so far, and she’s only about half way through reading them! The first drawing she made is below, and you can find the rest in her gallery. I should also be adding the rest of them to the fan art section soon. Many thanks to her, and I hope my story continues to hold her interest and stoke her creative fires.

In other news, over the weekend a reader contacted me to ask if I would spread the word about the book her friend recently released. Since us indie authors ought to stick together, naturally I was glad to oblige. Here’s the trailer for Fae Hunter. (One of these days I’m going to have to think about the whole book trailer thing. It is a neat idea.)

To wrap up this little update, a few days ago the plush maker I contacted about the potential Myn plush asked me for refs. Fingers crossed that some time soon we’ll see some sketches!

As always, thanks for reading.