Plushies, Bulgarians, and Sales, Oh My!

Again, good news comes in waves! We’ll start with what many of you have been waiting for. I’ve finally made the first payment for the Myn plush! The work will be done by the excellent PakajunaTufty. To whet your appetite, and to see what sort of style she might have in mind for the little dragon, I commissioned the following image from her, check it out!

She’s so cute I’m gonna die!

Now, initially the plan was to do one design down in the 18″ range, and that’s still going to happen, but this morning she suggested a 4′ version that I just could not resist, so I decided to splurge and pay for both designs. I’ll spread the word when they are ready. Right now we’re looking at around $160+ for the big one, and $50+ for the little one, plush shipping to your area. Now, realize that you’d be paying for hand made plushies from the artist herself, so if you ask me, these prices are entirely appropriate. However, I realize that they may be a bit steep for those of you on a budget, so if you would love a Myn plush in either size but can’t afford one, let me know and I’ll start discussing things with the artist and with some cut and assemble places and see if an agreement can be made about how to provide a batch at a lower price. In the mean time, here’s the sketch of the design process for the plush.

Gotta love behind the scenes drawings!

In other news, no less exciting, I’ve got some news from the Bulgarian front! Below you will find the intended cover for the Bulgarian edition of The Book of Deacon.

Look! Letters I’ve never seen before!

The top line is my name, Joseph R. Lallo. The main title has been changed for the Bulgarian market. They went with Marked, which I think is a pretty appropriate title. The book, if things stay on track, will go on sale late August/early September. Neat!

Finally, it is July, and you know what that means? Time for a great big sale over at Smashwords. All of my books are available for half price, and Jade is FREE! So head on over to Smashwords to check out the sale. And don’t forget to look around for other great books that are on sale all month!

That’s it for now, but I’d say that’s plenty. Thanks for reading!


  1. waves? I’m thinking tidal waves! This is just way too cool
    congratulations on all of your accomplishments!! your any wait to see a Myn plushie!!

    1. Many thanks! Yeah, I can’t wait either. I don’t particularly care if anyone else ends up wanting a plush, it is going to be wild having the prototypes sitting on my shelf and couch.

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