A Challenger Approaches…

Greetings once again. I know I just recently updated, but enough cool stuff has happened in the past few days that I feel a new post is in order. We’ll start with this image:

The words “rambunctious” and “scamp” come to mind.

That image, the unmistakeable work of catseathedevil, depicts Myn gnawing on her favorite chew toy. Not only does it look great and show Myn’s mischievous (and dare I say, vengeful) side, it was drawn in response to the commissioned image from the previous post! Do I smell a rivalry? I hope it’s a friendly one!

In other news, I received a very nice email from someone complementing me on the trilogy. Now, every now and then I get a piece of fan mail, but something about this one was extra special. Why? Because it came from the translator in charge of the converting the trilogy to Bulgarian! That makes this technically my first review of the translated edition, and it was well received. Awesome! Not only that, but Book 1 (Marked in Bulgaria), has shown up on the publisher’s website. If you can read Bulgarian, you can find it here. If you can’t, feel free to laugh at the machine translated page here.

There are a few other things, too. I earned one of these:

Hooray for digital gold!

This is my first contest entry of any kind to show some success, so I’m pretty pleased to have come this far. We won’t know until September if I’m a finalist. More interesting is the fact that it isn’t one of the fantasy stories, but Bypass Gemini that has earned this honor. (This is because the book entered into the contest had to have come out more recently than any of the Book of Deacon stories.) It is good to know that the sci-fi can hold its own. For reasons which are still not discussable due to a bit of uncertainty, Bypass Gemini could conceivably end up being one of my most important stories…

Until next time, thanks for reading.


  1. Hope there will be a sequel to “Jade.” I am reading it now and SO enjoying it. I have read the trilogy and LOVED it! So hard to put down. They will all be on my favorites list. Please keep up the good work, they are most assuredly a hit. Thanks!

    1. Many thanks! Whether or not there will be a Jade sequel is a matter of opinion. There will certainly be stories set after it, and there’s at least one character I’ll be bringing back from that story, but a direct sequel isn’t planned. (That’s not to say it has been ruled out entirely. One never knows.)

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