So Many Announcements

Well, folks, it has been a very busy week. And because the universe has a wonderful sense of humor, it decided that now was the perfect time to ramp things up in the day job. I pulled a couple of twelve and thirteen hour days, which left precious little time for anything beyond the usual answering of book mail. A bit of fan mail, and mail of some other kinds. Today, we’re going to focus on those other bits of mail. Mail that said things like…

Paperbacks Approved and Ready for Publication

Finally, the whole story can end up on a bookshelf.

That’s right. After way too long, I finally managed to pull together the necessary procedures to get the final two books in the trilogy published in paperback format. I know that there are plenty of you out there who prefer good old ink and paper over a piece of electronics, and you the grave disservice of leaving you for months with a cliffhanger that ebook readers were able to swiftly put to rest. Well no longer! Now you can finish the trilogy in good old dead tree format. Go ahead and check out the updated book page, where you’ll find links for Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Smashwords Interview

Mark Coker, the founder of Smashwords, the website that has taught me the most about the ebook biz and has been distributing my books to everyone but Amazon, contacted me a few days ago to ask if I would like to be interviewed for the Smashwords blog. Considering the “first one free” policy to which I owe most of my success to date was inspired in large part by a Smashwords article on fellow indie author Brian S. Pratt, naturally I agreed. The interview is to be conducted by former writer for Rolling Stone (the magazine, not the band) David Weir. I’m about as nervous as I am excited. The phone call pre-interview is set for Wednesday, with the interview going live a few weeks after that. Speaking of Interviews…

Interviews with Indie Authors

Now that’s an author photo.

What seems like ages ago, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a fellow asking if I’d be willing to contribute some of my “wisdom” to aspiring authors like myself. He was planning to gather together any responses he got into a book of interviews. Well, that book is now available. Rather than giving you the whole spiel, I’ll let them give you the rundown on their website. I love that, when I was unable to dig up an appropriate image of myself, they visited my Facebook page and borrowed the profile picture, so I show up on page 97 wearing an awesome Strongbad shirt and a NYCC media badge. Which reminds me…

Media Badge for NYCC Confirmed

Yep, just a few days ago I finally got sign off. My contributions to the ailing but not yet dead have earned me press status once again. Due to a perennial schedule conflict, I’m not able to attend the whole show, but I’ll probably try to be there Saturday at least. If you’ve got plans to be at the show and you’d like to meet face to face, let me know and maybe we can work something out.

Seeking Representation?

This one is still breaking news, but I received a pair of comments from the good people at Trident Media Group asking if I was seeking literary representation. I looked up the name, and it seems like these people are legitimate, and they represent an awful lot of big names. I’ve replied to their message with a request for some info. More as it develops.

To Be Continued…

A few days ago I made a mysterious tweet of mystery. In a few days, the mystery will be revealed. That’s all I’ll say.

Until then, thanks for reading.


  1. Really enjoyed your book, The Book of Deacon, I’ve read thousands of books in my life
    and really enjoyed your book. Just finished it this morning and went to Amazon and
    bought the other two books. Can’t wait to start on them you are a terrific writer.
    Pat Cameli

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