Nominations, Fan Art, and Questions

Hello once again, everyone. It has been a crazy few weeks since my last post. For one thing, StoryBundle came and went. For those of you reading this site as a result of enjoying my sci-fi novels and wanting to know more, WELCOME! I’m afraid I don’t have a generic author site (yet) nor do I have a dedicated sci-fi site (yet), but feel free to make yourself at home here. The fantasy folks don’t bite. Since this post is likely to have a number of sci-fi folks reading it, thought, we’ll start with sci-fi news.

KBR Best Indie Books of 2012 Finalist

Yep, astoundingly, Bypass Gemini has advanced to the final round of the The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012 Contest: SciFi – Fantasy. The competition among the finalists is stiff, but I’m proud to be listed among them, and I’ve got my fingers crossed. You may see me post some cross promotion stuff with some of the other authors, too.

Badges. Contrary to popular sentiment, we do indeed need them, and they are not stinking.

StoryBundle Post Mortem

Now that StoryBundle is over, a few people have asked me if it was worth it. I would absolutely say that it was. In the end, we sold over 3600 bundles, which earned me over $5,000. We also helped a pair of charities, and hopefully proved that StoryBundle is a worthwhile idea that deserves to succeed. I was able to meet and work with four great authors, and I look forward to working with any of them, as well as Jason Chen and the StoryBundle crew, whenever I get the chance. It was a blast, and gave me some fun ideas for future ways to connect with you folks. I’m going to try for an author chat at least, and I might even set up a chat room for fans to hang out and shoot the breeze.

StoryBundle also committed me to doing at least one more sci-fi book, since one of the lucky bundle buyers will be getting an email informing them that they have won a cameo in a future sci-fi book by me. Congrats, whoever you are!

Okay, that’s sci-fi out of the way, now let’s get on to the Deacon news, shall we?


CatseaTheDevil has been one of the most prolific fan artists I’ve yet encountered. In exchange for autographed copies of books 2 and 3 (more on that later) she produced some fun commissions for me, too. You can find them all in the official artwork section, but below is my favorite of the batch, for a few reasons.

Click to full and feast your eyes.

For one, she’s got a great style. The outfit is entirely her creation, as Caya is described only in very general terms in the book. Best of all, though, is that picture on the right. I love that she’s been hitting her ever-present flask a little heavy, and I’m intrigued by the fact that she’s got her midriff showing in only that image. What have you been up to, Caya?

Recently, I’ve also been getting some fun artwork from an old fan with a new DA page, Sandy, or ArieieTheWatcher. You can find her stuff scattered over the fan art and spoiler art pages, but this here is the picture I dig the most.


Yep. We’ve reached the point where fans are producing fan art for books that haven’t even been finished. This is a picture of Lain as a young child, as described in the Lain Origin Sneak Peek. Which reminds me.

Second Sneak Peek Posted

Since it is taking me so gosh darned long to get the Lain Origin story written, I asked over on the Facebook page (you really ought to check that page out, by the way. I post there more often than here, since it is better suited for shorter stuff) which things should I focus on getting done first. The quickest answer was “Another Sneak Peek” so I went ahead and put one up. You can find it here. It is the first time we get to meet Sorrel, a female malthrope. We also get to learn another name or two for Lain, since logically I can’t call him Lain during his early years. For those keeping score, he has at least 3 names now.

Things That Haven’t Changed

I’m sorry to say there’s not been much motion on the plush front. The nice thing about working with fellow Indies is the knowledge that you’re helping them do what they love, and you know that you’re working with someone absolutely passionate about their craft. The less nice part is the fact that real life with its many trials and tribulations gets in the way of their work as well as yours. Plush Myn is tantalizingly close to completion, but PakajunaTufty has returned to college, so her schedule has to be compressed over into the weekend. I’m told that the tricky bit that remains to be done is the head, which I think you’ll agree is an area that deserves a bit of care and attention. I’ll share images just as soon as she’s done, and from there we’ll find out how to move forward.

I’ve finally got most of the giveaway copies of Books 2 and 3 paperback squared away, and I’ve got a drawer full of copies waiting to be signed and sold. All that remains is for Oriech (that would be my web guy, not the mystical observer of the Chosen… though he’s sort of both) to pull himself away from a silly little thing like planning his wedding. Seriously, priorities!


New York Comic Con is coming in mid-October. I’ll be there at least one day, so if any of you good people are going to attend and want to meet up, just give me a shout and we’ll try to schedule something.

In Closing

Now that I’ve talked your ear off, I’d like to pick your brain (which is easier, since your ear is off). The plush is in perpetual limbo, and the book is chugging along. What else are you interested in? Should I try for the chat next? Is there something you want that I’ve never mentioned? Feel free to comment. I’m all ears.


  1. Holy freak you’ve been busy. Love it! Major congrats on making the the finalist round. You totally deserve it. A chat room for us fans eh? That sounds vaguely familiar and a great idea. Do you want your sci-fi books to have their own web page? A naming poll for the series would be kinda cool. Looking forward to reading more about “Lain”! I’m all for the signed books, but totally understand..(congratulations Oriech!!!) Don’t know how you juggle it all, but you’re doing an amazing job. A back story on Karter would be really fantastic!

    Still #1!

  2. Phew. Sorry for the delay, I was away all weekend at a bachelor party. (Nothing scandalous. We went camping and played Monopoly. I’m not even joking.) I have indeed been extremely busy. Thanks for the congrats! Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your request for a chat in the past. Having been asked a second time, though means that at least 2 people are likely to use it, which is handy for something like a chat room. I’ll be looking into it soon. The naming poll is a good idea. I’d pitched it as a tie in to the storybundle, but there was only so much room for promotional stuff like that, so I may do one soon.

    A Karter back story, eh? Could be fun. We’ll see how things go.

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