Lending a Hand to a Fledgling Editor

Hello everyone. I know I generally use this space to talk to you about things going on with my books, but this time around I’d like to do something a little different. From time to time I get messages from fans who have found errors, typos, plot-holes, etc in my books. More often than not, you are kind enough to point out one or two. Some of you have done far more than that. In the case of a reader named Claudette, she did much much more than that. Claudette, who used to be part of the editorial freelancers association, did nothing less than read and notate every single one of my novels, marking off errors, bad structure, and awkward phrasing and sent them to me. For the final novel, Unstable Prototypes, I sent her the word doc and she sent it back with the full editor treatment: tracked changes, comments, and suggestions. Having had my books edited by a pro in the past, I was impressed by her thoroughness and professionalism, and told her so. It got her thinking. Could she do this for a living?

Well, she’s willing to give it a try, and I’m willing to lend a hand. If you are an author looking for an affordable proofreader/copyeditor, Claudette has opened for business. You can reach her at claudettecruz@ymail.com. For a first time editor, I’m truly impressed at what she’s been able to accomplish. She even had useful comments for the professionally edited books, and seldom took more than a few days to proof a book. As I understand it, she’s looking to price in the $500 range for a standard length novel. Her price for basic proofreading is $150, and for a full edit is $250. If that sounds like a fit for you, send her an email.

UPDATE: Claudette contacted me with brand spanking new prices, plus check out the comments below for a special discount for Book of Deacon fans!