A Sci-Fi Interlude

Well well well… It looks like the science fiction books are starting to gain traction! Check out these fancy little tidbits from two of my fan art regulars. First, let’s see what CatseaTheDevil has for us.

I can see why Lex fell for her.

That’s Michella Modane, aspiring investigative journalist and love interest for our protagonist, “Lex” Alexander. She’s even got the freckles! Funny side note, by the way. I describe her as having auburn hair, which is accurately depicted here. This has led some to make the observation that my leading ladies tend to have a few things in common, including “M” names and red hair. While I can’t deny it, the fact of the matter is, when I was doing the initial description of Michella, I picked auburn because the word had a good sound to it. I actually thought it meant brown. Turns out it means “reddish-brown”. So dueling redheads is the result of poor chromatic vocabulary on my part. As for the M names? Probably something in my subconscious. Don’t even get me started  on the unusual prevalence of “librarian-style glasses”…

This picture is so cute I might need to take a minute to recover.

Look, it’s Solby the Funk (short for Soul Brother, an inexplicable reference to Fatboy Slim in a story that takes place in the distant future). Don’t mind the laser. It is just doing a little clean up. Solby is an adorable little genetic experiment that is a cross between a fox and a skunk. Its presence in the story has thus caused people to remark that I seem to be a fan of foxes. (I am, by the way. Seriously, go look at a fox’s face. It looks like it was designed by Jim Henson.) In this case, the reason for the funk’s creation in the story and in reality are the same. I’d had a discussion with a few of my friends and said, “Hey, if you had a cross between a fox and a skunk, it would be a funk! And it would be smelly, so it would HAVE a funk! It is the perfect pun!” So I put it in the book.

Now let’s see what ArieieTheWatcher has for me.

Look, a robotic arm belonging to Ma, everyone’s favorite artificial intelligence.

Lex gets a tasty treat as a reward for figuring out part of the nefarious plan of the bad guys! I’m relieved to see Lex show up in art so early, because despite being the star, he’s very much eclipsed by the other characters in terms of popularity, it seems.

All of this sudden love for sci-fi presents me with a bit of a dilemma. This is BookofDeacon.com, after all. I feel a little weird putting up stuff for the sci-fi series. But where else could I put it? I’ll probably carve out a little niche in the fan art gallery for this stuff for now. Anyway, thanks so much for the art, everybody!