As followers of my twitter feed and Facebook fan page already know, I got a surprise treat from my spectacular cover artist. A few months back I’d asked him for some sketches, which he agreed to squeeze into his schedule whenever there was an opening. You’ve seen a few already, but this most recent one has been hotly anticipated by a strong majority of my readers, even if they were not aware of it. That’s because it is his first (official) depiction of everybody’s favorite baby dragon, Myn.

[singlepic id=7 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The cutest fire-breathing carnivore you ever did see.

The Facebook folks exploded over this, making it my most liked post since I started posting there. One long time fan, Alicia, suggested it would make a great poster, and the comment made me realize that ages ago I’d spoken to a printing house about quotes for reasonable sized runs of posters. They never got back to me. So on Friday I reached out to a new place, and Sunday night they responded with a number that, to my shock, I just might be able to afford. So here’s the deal. The price I’m shooting for is $9-$10 (plus shipping) for a full color 24×36 inch poster. That brings us to the inevitable questions.

1. Would you buy a poster at that price?

2. What would you like to see as a poster?

If I get a strong enough response, after the holidays I’ll get the wheels turning on this. (Why after the holidays rather than just in time for them? Because I’ve got poor foresight, that’s why.) Unlike the plush, most of the work has already been done for a poster, because I’ve got quite a library of top notch artwork, both commissioned and gifted. Naturally there will be negotiations and reconfigurations and whatnot, but that will only happen if you good folks want it to happen. So if you’d like a Book of Deacon related poster, feel free to comment or email to let me know. While you’re at it, let me know what art you’d like to see made into a poster. And while you’re at THAT, check out this bit of fan art I received from Adam J Hall.

[singlepic id=1 w=240 h=320 float=center]

It is like a fairytale!

Though an entirely different style of artwork, I have to say that I really love this picture. It’s got such a crisp, vibrant style to it. So many thanks to Mr. Hall. I gave him the remainder of the trilogy by way of thanks, though as always there is the deviously self-serving hope that he’ll be inspired by The Great Convergence or The Battle of Verril to provide me with another awesome bit of art.

In closing, let me say that this site has stagnated a bit, so much so that there’s a bit of a backlog of artistic gifts that have not been added. I’m working to remedy that now, with a revamped gallery page which should be showing up in the next few days. This very post includes some experimentation in that regard.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


  1. I would love to see most of the fan art you have on a poster, excepting mine 😛 I would become broke from buying them all, but IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!
    I think the price is fine, because that art is just magical.
    Please please please let me know if and when you start selling them.
    PS: Pollenatrix looks insane xD

    1. It’d be cool to do make all of the fan art into posters, too, but I’d go broke as well. (All sorts of legal hoops to jump through when you start selling artwork. Gotta pay those artists!) I’ll definitely spread the word if any posters come to fruition.
      Looking forward to seeing your take on Pollinatrix!

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