Thirty Consecutive Years

That’s how long I’ve been alive, folks. Three whole entire decades. As I said on Twitter, that’s a new personal record. I must say, I’ve achieved more in these past few years than I’d expected. For those keeping count, by the beginning of February I’ll have been doing this indie author gig for three years. In that time I’ve brought six books to the world, and I’ve found an audience that enjoys the stories I have to tell. I’m just about to head out to a restaurant to eat some barbecue and listen to some old stories from friends and family, but I felt that this occasion called for a little bit of a gift to you fans. I quite literally wouldn’t be typing this, and would have much less to celebrate, if not for you. Moreover, you’ve all be more patient than I could have ever hoped in waiting for me to give you the next story. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get a few books out this year, but to hold you over I’ve uploaded a rough sneak peek of two of the books in the pipeline. The first is the “Introductions” scene from the upcoming Super Hero Book.

The Bus Ride

The second is the first few pages of my perpetually on hiatus continuation of the Book of Deacon Series.

Unnamed Second Trilogy Intro

Thanks again to all of my fans and supporters for making this dream come true!


  1. I have just finished the second book in the Deacon series and I in a daze (having no patience, i have just inhaled the last 400 pages of the book this evening) stumbled upon your website. And while perusing came acrossed your birthday post. I have never written or chatted with an author, but I originally downloaded your book solely upon name with no drive other than my son’s name is Deacon. And there it sat unread for months. One sleepless night i started it and then I devoured the first book in 3 evenings, waited a week and have done the same to the 2nd only to discover the most peculiar of things. January 27th is my son Deacon’s birthday. Maybe i have been in your world too long this day or maybe it’s a weird twist of fate, only time can tell, but I found that interesting. I’ve always wanted to write maybe I will or maybe he will. Anyway, just thought it was humorous. And I wanted to let you know I appreciate your works they are a nice respite from this often unpleasant present, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as losing yourself in someone else’s world.

    1. Hi Cherie,

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story so far. That’s an great coincidence (or twist of fate?) that your son and I share a birthday, and that he shares the name of one of my protagonists. I certainly encourage you both to give writing a try. It has been a wonderful experience for me. Thanks cor contacting me, and I sincerely hope that the remainder of the story continues to give you a place to escape to.

      Thanks for reading!

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