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Hi everyone. There are a few things on the horizon which I hope to announce soon, but right now I’d like to take a moment to spread the word about something momentous. Earlier today, Apple unveiled a new promotion on iTunes in the US. They are calling it Breakout Books. It is a major marketing push dedicated entirely to up-and-coming indie authors. The promotion is starting with over sixty authors, and as time goes on and more books gain traction, Apple will rotate in fresh faces. I am pleased and honored to announce that I’m among the first few authors to be featured!

Can you spot the familiar cover?

Now you may be wondering, how are these books selected? Well, past performance in the iBookstore plays a major part, but the selections are also based on the popularity and quality of each title based on reader feedback. That means that I wouldn’t be there without all of the kind words and support from those of you who gave my books a try and shared your thoughts. So thank you for making this moment possible!

This is a great moment for me personally, but I can’t stress enough how important this is for indie authors as a whole. Self-published books have long taken a back seat to the their traditionally published brethren, and not without reason. For much of their history, self-published books had a well-earned reputation for poor quality. I’ve done my best to put in the effort to make my stories and my books as good as the can possibly be, and I’m not alone. The overall quality of self-published books has been rising, and Apple has taken notice. They have had the foresight and confidence in us to provide some real exposure. I can’t thank them enough for their support, and it is up to us as authors and you as readers to let them know that their trust is well placed. So I urge you to check out the promotion. If you liked my stories, I’m sure you’ll find other gems. And let Apple know that you appreciate their support for your favorite indie authors!

Click the image below to checkout my book in the iBookstore. You can also learn more about the promotion and what it means to readers and authors by reading about it over on the Smashwords Blog.

Click to see it in the iBookstore


  1. I just read the Book of Deacon Trilogy for the second time and picked up on things i missed b4. Awesome trilogy cant wait for more books. Awesome writer. Not an author who thinks books need to be trashy to be good. . Those are few and fatr between and thats what makes him a true story teller the likes of Louis L’Mour

    1. Wow. The trilogy is a pretty lengthy story to read more than once. It says a lot to me that you’d do so and still enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing!

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