A Wild Funk Has Appeared!

Hi, everyone! I crossed the 160,000 word mark in Lain Origin last night. It is getting a little out of hand, but the rough draft could conceivably be finished this week, so I’m trying to keep my nose to the grindstone. However, to keep you good folks occupied, check out this set of pictures sent by Aimee (aka Bubble Rhapsody), the exceptional plush artist.

So very cute. SO VERY VERY CUTE!

I’ve been talking to her for a while now about the plushes. Like me, she has a day job and the fun stuff like creating art is only able to fill in the nooks and crannies. However, what she’s been able to put together for the concentrated bundle of weaponized cuteness known as Solby has blown me away, and I hope you feel the same. The next step would be to start talking about whether she can take on the plush we’ve all been waiting for, Myn. I posted this picture first on the Facebook Fan Page, and there was a little bit of wariness over the cuteness present. Many of you picture Myn as being a bit more “regal” as one reader put it. Rest assured, I told the artist that Solby’s cuteness rating should be off the charts, as it is a point about the character that is hammered home in the sci-fi books. Myn would be a notch or two closer to realistic, if possible.

Regardless of how it will go down, however, the artist and I both have a great deal to take care of before we can move forward. What do you folks think?