Testing Something New

Hi folks!

As I said on Facebook recently, I ask my readers a lot of questions. I’m always thrilled to get responses, but trying to keep track of them is tricky, so I’ve decided to let our friends at Google lend a hand. I’ve added a new page to The Book of Deacon: Survey. This is where I’ll place polls and whatnot. It will have one of those handy dandy Google Forms embedded, and will let me gather your answers without fear of me losing or miscounting them. Neat, huh? Since I’m not always going to have a survey going, I haven’t added the survey page to the navigation. When I’ve got a question that needs answering, I’ll Just link it. Which reminds me…

I’ve got a question that needs answering! A while back I asked, through various means, which characters you’d like to see interviewed, and what questions you would want to ask them. Plenty of people voted for who to ask. Not many people chimed in on what to ask. Time to rectify that! You can click here to give your character choice and question. Once I get enough questions (let’s say a dozen or so) for any one character, I’ll do an interview.¬†Feel free to chime in!