Entwell Art and More

I’ve got a few things to talk about today, but rather than beating around the bush (as I so often do), we’ll just get the best part out of the way first. Check out the picture I got from Adam J. Hall.

[singlepic id=508 w=500 h=500 float=center]

So much to see…

That’s not even the largest resolution. It is just the largest resolution I could upload to the site! In case you couldn’t tell, that’s Adam’s vision of Entwell, and it isn’t just a picture, it’s a game! Seriously, here’s a list of stuff, see if you can find it all.


  • Myranda
  • Deacon
  • Lain
  • Myn


  • Bird
  • Cat
  • Pig
  • Dog
  • Lady Bug
  • Bee

Fun Stuff:

  • A lady losing her oranges.
  • A man trying to return one.
  • A boy whose boat is sinking.
  • A girl who doesn’t like dragons.
  • A sparring match.
  • A bird house.
  • A boy hiding in a pot.
  • A bearded boy
  • A wizardly argument

Truly brilliant picture, no doubt about it. Now, on to the other news.

Lain Origin is Ready to Rise

Lain Origin has gone off to be edited, and the title is now pretty much officially The Rise of the Red Shadow. I’ve got feedback from at least four early readers, and the response is extremely positive though I understand there were some tears. I also got the concept sketch for the new cover (in record time), and that’s got some thumbs up too! Things are moving smoothly, so my vague release date of “Sometime in August, maybe” still stands. I’ll update it as the bits and pieces start to reach completion. In the mean time…

Calling all bloggers!

Since The Rise of the Red Shadow could soon be available as what industry folks call an eARC (electronic advanced reading copy), if any of you out there have got a book blog or any other blog that could benefit from a review of my book, I’d love to hear from you. I’m going to distribute an eARC to a handful of blogs in advance of the release date so that they can get a jump start on their reviews if they like. If that sounds like something you want in on, comment or drop me an email. (My address is, as always, on my contact page.)

Let’s see… what else is there to mention. Oh yes.

Audio Book 2, Coming May 20th!

Yep, The Great Convergence: Audio Edition is complete and ready to go in sale. You can pre-order it on all sorts of places already, including Audible and Tantor. And unless I’m mistaken, it might already be available via Amazon! Oh that rebellious Amazon, always with the jumping of the gun.

And other mysterious mysteries!

I’ve also just finished the rough draft of a very minor unplanned project, but what form that project will take won’t be decided until June at the earliest. And I’ve started an art project which might be neat, but that’s at least a few weeks away too! More updates as they become available.

That’s all for now, but that’s plenty. Thanks for reading.


  1. I FOUND SOLOMON! Or random dragon that could be Solomon 😛 OOOH YAY FOR EPIC TITLE! I’m seriously gonna cry when that comes out. Legit.

  2. Set that picture as my wallpaper 😀

    ~Mysterious mysteries~

    27 days to go until my birthday!
    The mysterious mystery isn’t the uh, Ayna thing is it?
    if so, not very mysteriously mysterious.

  3. Nope, the neither of the two mysterious things have been mentioned here before… I don’t think. It certainly isn’t the Ayna thing, or the plushes or the posters, all of which are in one state of limbo or another.

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