The Rise of the Red Shadow: Cover Reveal

Let’s face it, marketing isn’t my strongest area. Whenever I make a marketing decision, it is usually based upon how the big publishers or big authors do it. Eventually I come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how they do it. That’s what happened over the last few days when I was trying to figure out the best place and time to reveal my cover. What answer did I come up with?

Here and now.

[singlepic id=512 w=400 h=500 float=center]

I hope you like it. This is the first time a really clear image of Lain has shown up on a cover. The book doesn’t have a release date yet, but it is getting closer.

UPDATE:Β I forgot to mention, the art is of course done by the brilliant Nick Deligaris.


  1. Damnit, I look on TBoD website before I go to the ATC, still the same. Leave and come back, New post, really excited, thought I must be like, the first, then get’s ninja’d by 9 other people πŸ™

    1. I can’t count the number of times I’ve checked a site that I check once a day, then visit it the next day to find they updated it a few minutes after I checked.

  2. This cover alone would make me want to read the book even if I wasn’t a huge fan of Lain.
    Can’t wait for the book. AWSOME ARTWORK!

  3. Nick- we’re so not worthy! Love how you really bring out all the traits we love in the characters. Thank you for working with Mr. Lallo πŸ™‚

  4. I am in the process of reading the Book of Deacon series for the second time. It is just as captivating and entertaining as the first time I read it.
    Mr. Lallo you have gift never believe otherwise.

    The new cover art you have revealed truly personifies Lain. Mr. Deligaris has done a remarkable job in capturing your vision of the characters. Well done.
    Awaiting the release of this new book with nearly breathless anticipation.

    He needs to take the opportunity to read your books he is missing a truly exceptional experience.

    1. I’m always astounded when someone tells me that they’ve decided to read my story more than once.

      I sent Nick copies of the paperback, so if ever he gets the desire to do so, he can read the trilogy.

      I hope you enjoy the next book, once it is ready.

  5. Oh.My.Gosh. This cover is fantastic!! definitely Nick did a fantastic job, as usual. Cant believe he hasn’t read the books! He has a gift for this kind of drawings, it really is amazing.
    I hope the book gets published soon and maybe, just maybe, you can make a giveaway for your biggest fans here on the site? or on GoodReads?? Just saying, LoL. πŸ™‚

    1. As it stands right now the polished manuscript should be coming back around June 10th. Shortly after that I’ll be sending out review copies. I’ve also mentioned on the facebook fan page that if I hit 1000 likes before the release of the book, I’ll give 50 random likers a chance to receive a review copy. There may be other contests as well.

          1. It’s still in five days :V
            I meant the day after June 10th, the post I was replying to. Not the day after tomorrow :3

            Hope I clear up the confusion,

            A fan,
            Tokajima :3

      1. So, I was not lucky enough to win on the FB site. Maybe I can get a shot if you make another fun contest here? or on goodreads or on smashwords or somn?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        1. I’ll tell you what. When I reveal the release date, I’ll announce the other opportunities to get free copies. Hopefully I can work out a release date by the end of the week.

  6. Hi Joseph!

    I just want to say, I am super excited to be one of the lucky winners from the facebook contest. I truly look forward to reading this book! I replied through a pm to the fan page, but figured I would reply hear to say thanks!!!! πŸ™‚

    Melissa Hanson

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