I Shall Call Her… Mini-Myn

Hi everyone. No, I don’t have a release date yet, but I come with some fun new art for you to look at. We’ll start with a topic that crops up every now and then but never seems to go anywhere: The Myn Plush! If you’ve been following this whole saga, you’ll know that it seems to be a cursed project, because every time I find an artist who is interested, something pops up that prevents it from happening. Well, I don’t want to Jinx anything, but we’ve reached the concept art stage!

[singlepic id=522 w=400 h=400 float=center]

We can build her. We have the technology.

This is from Aimee (AKA Bubble-Rhapsody). You’ll remember her as the mastermind behind the Solby plush. All of the specs are on the picture there, but generally speaking it will be about 7” tall, which is pretty compact. We felt that was best because it would make the cost more manageable for everyone. Unlike Solby, rather than embroidered eyes, Myn should have glass or resin eyes. It’ll be a month or so before she’s likely to start working on Myn, but it is super cool that she’s gotten it this far.

Another thing that’s been simmering in the background that is getting perilously close. When I was chatting with Aimee about the plush, I noticed she’d commissioned a figurine. As tends to happen, when I see new art, I want new art. Fortunately I managed to secure a slot with Lindsey (AKA LeiliaK), and predictably Myn was chosen to be the figurine. Here’s what she’s made so far.

[singlepic id=523 w=400 h=400 float=center]

That charm is removable, but I don’t think Myn would like that

So very detailed… This might actually be in the process of being painted as we speak. Once it’s done I’ll post her pictures, and then she’ll send it to me. Then I will put it on a shelf and stare at it for many hours.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, the Facebook Fan Page is running a contest of sorts. If I hit 1000 likes on the fan page before the book releases, I’ll pick 50 random likers and offer a review copy of The Rise of the Red Shadow. So if you haven’t liked it yet, head on over.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


  1. Ohmahgawd that’s amazing :oo Can’t wait. I hope this goes fully through!
    The facebook contest; can’t there be a site contest? I don’t have facebook and I won’t have for at least a few more years ;w; what am I going to do? ;w;

  2. I came home straight from school today hoping I would see a new post about the review copies being given out on Monday 10th, today. I haven’t seen anything, so 🙁 . In other news, My birthday tomorrow 😀

    1. In case I don’t get a chance to wish you one tomorrow, Happy Birthday! (Again.) Unfortunately I haven’t got the manuscript back from the editor yet. It is supposed to be today, though, so I’m hoping I get it in the next few hours.

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