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Quick post today. There is a highly recommended staple of marketing that I’ve thus far been neglecting, the newsletter. Since I’ve had multiple requests from active users of this site to run a webpage-based counterpart to the Facebook contest I ran recently, I’ve decided to start a mailing list for a Book of Deacon newsletter. This will be a very rare email I will send out, essentially only to let interested parties know when I’ve got new books or products on the way and things of that nature. To give the list a little initial boost, I’m going to run a contest. Anyone who signs up for the newsletter between now and June 20th will have their names entered for a chance to receive an advance copy of The Rise of the Red Shadow, which should be releasing in mid-July (release date forthcoming).

You can find the form on my Contact page.


  1. Signing up, I’d love to login and just see an automated email sent out to everyone. Will it be like an actual small newsletter? I’d be really happy to see a small fan-made newsletter too, with featured fanart and fanfiction, and it’s called something like “The Tressorian Chronicles” or something. Aha, I might actually try that!

    1. The details of the newsletter itself are still being ironed out. Right now I’m just collecting the names and addresses of people who are interested. You can be reasonably certain that the first major newsletter will be the announcement of The Rise of the Red Shadow’s release.

  2. Oh my Glinda, I would love to see a newsletter like that! I would sign up for a Book of Deacon Newsletter! Could be called Deacon’s Theses, hehe.

    1. You can sign up right now if you want to. Over on the contact page. I hadn’t thought about coming up with a nifty name. Must do some thinking.

  3. Sorry be out of town did not have wi-if. Camping with the family lol. I signed up for the news letter, also I have read the the rise of the Red Shadow. You are a great writer, I love the book so well I have read it 3 times. I can not wait till you come up with more.

    Thank you

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