Battle of Verril Audio book and Myn Figurine

The title says it all, really. Today the good people at Tantor Audio released the third book of the trilogy in Audio Book form. You can find it from all of the usual places, including Tantor Audio directly, Audible, and Amazon. I’ve spoken to Tantor about whether or not they want to do The Rise of the Red Shadow, but they weren’t enthusiastic about it right now. Maybe later.

Now in non-product but still totally awesome news, the Myn Figurine is complete! I’ll link the artist’s official post just as soon as she has one, but until then, below is the picture she gave me. This masterpiece is by Lindsey Hein AKA LeiliaK. You can find her on facebook, deviant art, and twitter, among other places. She was a joy to work with, and as you can see, she did a remarkable job.

[singlepic id=524 w=300 h=300 float=center]

Soon it will be mine!

I’m sorry to say that there is only one of these little beauties, and it will be on its way to me in a few days. It was lovingly handcrafted and painted. Not the sort of thing that can be mass produced. Now, I might get a little mad science-y in the months ahead on the subject of figurines. If I do I’ll let you know, but for now this is just a cool thing that exists on my shelf.

I’ve had a lot of sign-ups for my mailing list,  but there’s a still a few more days before I pick a few names to give early access to The Rise of the Red Shadow. So if you haven’t done so yet, Sign up!

Thanks for reading!


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