Newsletter Giveaway Winners and a Promo

I try to keep in touch with many of my fellow indie authors, and one that I’ve spoken with many times over the last few months is Matt Larkin, author of the Skyfall Trilogy. A few weeks ago he asked me if I would like to join in on a large independent promotion he was organizing, and naturally I said yes. As a part of this promo, all of the authors involved have agreed to set the price of at least a few of our books to $0.99 or less. Since half of my books meet that criteria already, I threw them into the pool.


He’s calling the event the Indie Writers Summer Solstice Sale, and it will run from Friday, 6/21 to Sunday, 6/23. You can find the whole promotion at Incandescent Phoenix Books. To sweeten the deal I’ve generated coupon codes so that the rest of my library can be bought for the same price. You can find the codes on the page, but for easy reference, here they are again:

The Great Convergence – PZ39X
The Battle of Verril – AY33E
Unstable Prototypes – AQ45H

Speaking of promotions, a week has passed since I opened the signups for the newsletter, and I got a lot of responses. I’ve decided to select five names from the list and send review copies of The Rise of the Red Shadow to them. To be fair, anyone who I know has already received an early copy was removed from the pool of potential winners, so that the rest of you would have the greatest possible chance to get a copy. The lucky winners are below:

Monica M.
Catherine T.
Mike S.

Right before posting this update, I sent each of you an email with your prize. Congratulations! I hope you like the story.


  1. Joseph’s around half-way down the page. Below his name you can see the books he’s written. Anyone noticed the typo yet?

    It’s one of the books’ names.

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