Book Updates, and Myn Comes Home

Hi everyone. An awful lot of stuff has happened in rapid succession, so I figure an update is in order. First off, check it out!

I am holding this in my hand!

It is SO very beautiful in person. I spent twenty minutes walking around the house looking at in different light. Money well spent! Thanks so much Lindsey! You owe it to yourself to check out her gallery.

Now on to the less overtly awesome stuff. I’ve been pushing for a July 16th release. I’d spoken to one of my distributors not long ago about the possibility of preloading a book to make sure that it could release on the day I wanted it to. For those of you who don’t self-publish, depending on the platform, you don’t have a lot of direct control on the actual moment your books show up. Your books go live anywhere from a few minutes to a few days after you publish them, and in some cases it could be weeks before they roll out to all of the stores. It turns out that wasn’t a possibility. Then last night I was contacted about an opportunity to try a new way to promote my book’s release. I’ll share the specifics once they are more… specific, but the catch was that they would need some time to get things set up. Three weeks (which would take us to my original release date) wasn’t quite enough. If I wanted to try this, I’d have to push it out a little.

The “too long; didn’t read” version is this.

The Rise of The Red Shadow is now tentatively set for a July 30th release.

I’ll keep everybody informed as it develops.

Meanwhile, simultaneous with the promotion blitz I’ve got planned for The Rise of the Red Shadow (which until an hour ago was still in a folder marked “Lain Origin” in my dropbox), I’ve begun working on the long delayed third entry in the still unnamed sci-fi series.  I’m about 7,000 word in, and the working title is “Artificial Evolution”. The plot is more or less solidified. It looks like this one will focus primarily on Lex+Michella+Garotte+Silo. Karter and Ma will be there too, naturally.

That’ll be it for now. Thanks for reading!