StoryCasting and a Sale!

Greetings once again. Goodness, I seem to be doing these updates with stunning regularity these days. This time around I’d like to direct your attention to a cool site of which I recently became aware. A while ago I asked you folks to suggest ideas for what actors and actresses you pictured in each role for a hypothetical Book of Deacon movie. (My apologies to anyone who discovered this post after searching “Book of Deacon Movie” and was briefly filled with false hope.) You can find the results of that call for opinions here. Well, it turns out there’s a whole website dedicated to fantasy casting. It is called StoryCasting, and after an email or two, I’m happy to say that the site creators have added all of my full length novels! I invite you to swing by and share your thoughts for both The Book of Deacon stories and the Sci-Fi stories. There are a few casts already, but I’d love to see some more!

In addition, it is time once again for the “July Summer/Winter Sale” over at Smashwords. You can find all of my books with at least a 50% discount. Jade and Bypass Gemini are available for free! The sale will continue for the whole month of July, and new books are added by other great Smashwords authors every day, so be sure to check it out.

The Rise of the Red Shadow’s release date still seems to be July 30th. I’m having a new illustration made for the back cover of the paperback. Since Lain is on the front cover, I decided that the best choice would be the character who is least like Lain. I’ll show it off once it is complete.

That’s it for now!


Well, in accordance with my uncanny ability to write a post mere moments before I have something actually interesting to talk about, I just received this image from Nick.

[singlepic id=527 w=400 h=400 float=center]

That’s Fiora. You’ll meet her in The Rise of the Red Shadow.


    1. Glad you approve! I’ll probably have an awful lot to say this month, what with a book releasing at the end of it. I was astounded by how quickly Nick made that picture, too. SO PRETTY!

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