Just Days To Go!

Hi everybody! The release of The Rise of the Red Shadow is looming just over the horizon, less than 48 hours left. One of the fancy new things I decided to try this time around was the creation of something called a book trailer. I’d been getting emails from a place called Book Candy Studios for a while now, and when someone on the Facebook Fan Page suggested I create one, I felt the time had come. After discussing it with the creative team over there, we felt that doing a trailer for the whole series was the best way to go about it. Despite a fairly tight deadline and a subject that’s a bit tricky to do without filming new footage and special effects (which would take time and money), I feel they came up with a great trailer. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

I found, to my great surprise, that this was the first video I’d ever posted on youtube, personal or otherwise. I hope you like it, and with any luck, the next time you hear from me it will be to announce the official release of the The Rise of the Red Shadow. Thanks for reading!


  1. Just picked up a copy from amazon to give me something to red before bed in half an hour….or maybe a little longer if I can’t manage to read 5000 words per minute 🙂

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