What You Folks Did For Me



An Explanation

Okay, so after my cryptic post above (and a night to process the enormity of the situation), I think a bit more clarity is in order.

For the last few years I’ve been sharing an apartment with my oldest brother Mike and (his first girlfriend, then fiance, now wife) Georgette. The next step for them was to find a place big enough to raise a family. Unfortunately, the two of them had just paid for a big ol’ wedding and wouldn’t have nearly enough money to afford the down payment on a home for at least a few years. Not only would that put their plans on hold for the foreseeable future, but the longer they had to wait, the worse the housing situation was going to get.

Now, regardless of when they were able to buy a house, once they did, I was going to have to find a new place myself. And since we’d gotten along pretty well for a few years living together, there’s no reason to suspect we couldn’t keep doing so for years to come. So back in April or so we decided to pool our resources. That’s where you folks come in. See, with the exception of the odd bit of artwork, some editing costs, and other book expenses, every dime from the books has been getting banked, and I’ve been living off my income from the day job. As a result, I’ve built up a pretty nice nest egg. Nice enough to plunk down 20% on the cozy little home you see above. That house is ours (and the bank’s) because of your generosity and support.

It hasn’t been an easy process. We had problems with almost every aspect of the transaction. It has been driving me to the brink of insanity, and my writing schedule has suffered as a result. (Work hasn’t been helping, but that’s a post for another day.) In the end, we prevailed. Yesterday we got our key, and we pulled into our driveway for the first time. There are more struggles ahead, no doubt, but the worst is behind us. By the end of the month we’ll be moved in, and I’ll be able to focus on giving you people more of the books that made my new home possible.

So once again, thank you for reading, and thank you for everything.


  1. I’ve just finished The Battle of Verril and followed the link at the end of the book.

    That fight was almost as hard as buying a house 😉 Congrats to you.

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