A Long Awaited Plush and a Possible Contest

They said it would never happen… They said it couldn’t be done… They were wrong! A Myn plush has finally happened!

[singlepic id=535 w=500 h=400 float=center]

I can’t believe it actually happened!

To fit with Aimee’s style, and also to vary things up a bit, we went with a smaller design and picked Baby Myn as the basis. I think it’s in the 9 inch range, but once I get my hands on the plush itself (it is just about to be shipped) I’ll show it off in relation to various other doodads, like the paperbacks and such. Now, I want to hear your thoughts on this plush, so please share. Because once my life settles down, there’s a fighting chance this will go on the list with the Book 1 poster as a possible piece of merchandise, so if you have changes in mind, let me know!

Now, onto the free stuff.

A few days ago I got an email from Audible.com. They sell all of my audio editions, and since I produced one of them directly through them, they handed me a bunch of promotional digital codes. As I think up what to do with them, some ideas come to mind. Remember when I mentioned StoryCasting.com? That’s the site that gathers up fantasy casts for hypothetical movies of books. Well, I got a few really interesting casts for the Book of Deacon stories (though I could always use more) and I’m thinking it might be fun to give out an Audible.com copy of Jade to people who come up with the best fantasy cast for it. I sent off an email to StoryCasting to see if they would add Jade to their database, and they did so immediately. You can find it here. The rules of the contest are simple. Head on over to StoryCasting and come up with your dream cast for Jade. My favorite cast will earn an Audible.com copy of the Jade audio book. If multiple people have the same cast, I’ll give out a copy to the first person (if I can determine it) and one other randomly chosen person. The contest runs from today until the September 1st.

Thanks for reading.


    1. Working on it! Now that I’ve got the prototype, I need to find a place that can do it justice in a small batch, but won’t bankrupt me. Then I sort things out with the artist for royalties, then get it manufactured… Man, merchandise is hard…

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