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Remember last year, right around November, when I stopped writing The Rise of the Red Shadow long enough to write a NaNoWriMo project? Well, I’m planning to do that again this year. Last year it produced a silly little story about super heroes with worthless powers. (If you’re wondering what ever happened to that book, well, time will tell.) Now that November is sneaking up on us far more quickly than any of use might have expected, I’m starting to think about what the next NaNoWriMo project will be. I know there are a lot of Book of Deacon fans out there who would love for it to be some little hidden story from somewhere in the BOD setting, but NaNoWriMo is a speed-writing exercise, and I’d rather not rush something like that. NaNoWriMo projects, for me, are an opportunity to do something new.

Now, since I ask the fans any time I do anything, I figure I may as well ask what you think I should write about. I’ve got some ideas kicking around in my head, some more fully formed than others. What I’d like to know from you is which previously unvisited genre you’d prefer to see from me.

  • Zombie
  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Present or Near Future Sci-Fi
  • Superhero Sequel

Any comments are welcome, but right now what I’m mostly interested in is which genre you’d most like to see.

And now, at the risk of completely derailing the prior question, since I’m on the subject of what you folks would like to see from me next, after I wrap up my sci-fi project (which won’t be until late next year, in all probability, I’ll probably write move back into the Book of Deacon setting. Now, at this point there are lots of places for me to fill in stories. Which time period would you most like to see a story from?

  • Pre-Rise of the Red Shadow
  • Between Rise of the Red Shadow and The Book of Deacon
  • During The Book of Deacon Trilogy (side story involving characters not shown for most of the story)
  • Direct continuation of The Book of Deacon Trilogy
  • Between The Book of Deacon Trilogy and Jade
  • Direct sequel to Jade
  • After Jade

If you’d rather not comment, here’s a handy dandy survey to enter your answer!

I look forward to hearing your responses, and thanks for reading!






  1. Ayna centric. Ayna centric. Ayna centric. Ayna centric.

    I think steampunk would be a cool genre for you! Technology/Fantasy is like meshing your sci fi series and the BOD series together into one amazing mesh of MAGICAL TECHNOLOGICAL WRITERLYNESS!

    *deep breaths*

  2. Hey! Its been an awfully long time since I last wrote around here. Regarding your questions… Urban fantasy hahaha it would be really cool and somehow opposed to TBOD setting.
    Regarding the other question. ALL OF THE ABOVE! Well really… all of them!
    But which one first. Maybe I will go on with the survey.
    Anything else I might have missed during my absence? Work is keeping me away from everything!

    1. Mostly I’ve been busy moving. The books were selected for a break out books promotion for Apple. A Myn plus was completed (still waiting for delivery).

  3. I was thinking Urban Legend, just to see what other types of skills you have. Normally writers are one genre and that’s it.
    But I really like the idea of maybe steampunk. Get some fans at a the international comic con dressin’ up 😀

    1. Thanks! From the replies I’ve gotten around the internet, it looks like Steampunk is going to be the winner. It would be AWESOME if I inspired some cosplay.

  4. I really, really enjoyed “The Book of Deacon.” It had no sex, very abbreviated language, lots of action, was very easy to get into, and even though it was a long book, I never once got bored. I am an avid reader and have a hard time finding books that fit all my criteria (for example, good English – not to sound snobby, lol!) I’m not sure what genre you’d call it, and haven’t read the rest of the series, so don’t know you if you continued following the “no sex, few cuss words” format or not, but would live to see more books like “The Book of Deacon.”

    1. I’m glad you liked it! The rest of the series continues along those same lines, so hopefully you’ll enjoy the rest of the story if you decide to read it.

  5. I would be very curious to see what you would do with steampunk, so I vote for that.

    And I must say, the superheroes with useless powers concept has me giddy. I’ve been tossing around several powers that would be fun to see worked into a league ala Mystery Men. Super-bendy Pinky Man! ChihuahuaMan, with the ability to calm jittery chihuahuas! Lawnmower Woman and her sidekick Leafblower Girl! Restless Leg Syndrome Boy!

      1. If you haven’t seen the series Misfits, you might be amused. Like a crass Superheros, some of the most ridiculous (and horrifying!) superpowers such as the ability to control milk products. It takes a few episodes to find its feet, but once it does it never looks back.

        ps: Zombies!

  6. Wow what a list of choices!! For the NaNoWriMo project my vote’s really a toss up between present/near future sci-fi or zombie, though it would be great to read anything you churned out. All of them are interesting settings.
    As for the second question, that’s even harder. A direct sequel to either Jade or The BOD would probably get me drooling the most though. Ever since finishing what I can get my hands on from both points in the story line I’ve been dying to see what happens next. Love your work and can’t wait for more!

    1. Thanks for weighing in! Chances are, whatever doesn’t happen in this next NaNoWriMo will happen somewhere down the line, so with any luck you’ll eventually see all of these choices.

  7. I think a story about Ben would be good. He most likely has a very interesting past ( you don’t become a Master of many trades doing nothing). Also it would be nice to hear his side of the story raising Lain. I’m sure there where things Ben did for him behind the scenes that Lain had no idea of. Why did he do them, what where his thoughts?

    1. Wow, a rare vote for zombies. So far steampunk and near-future sci-fi are in the lead. However, it looks like the desire to fill in some of the story between the trilogy and Jade is almost unanimous. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Apparently I’m the only one who put an “other” category in. 😀 I’M SPECIAL!

    Anyways, I’m back from my holiday and gaming. Take a look at the survey, lots of people seem to want a continuation, including me. I will be around a lot more often now!!! I will probably write here while I’m supposed to be doing homework and going to bed and stuff. Drank some Ramune last week. Can still taste it. Awesome. Japan has the best stuff 😀
    I wish lived in America too, so I could travel to Japan cheaper and more often and stuff.
    Or live in Japan. I guess that makes more sense. Oh well.

    Japanese Steampunk,
    Continuation OR Focus on the buildup of the age of ignorance. So yeah, TBOD to Jade. EITHER ONE. Y’know, in case it’s like a tiebreak between the two. Yeah. Moving on.

    1. Welcome back! Good to hear from you again.

      There’s still plenty of time for me to make a final decision on the next Deacon book, and I’ll probably wait until at least October before I solidify plans for the NaNoWriMo book, so I’ll keep glancing at the survey periodically until then to see what people are interested in.

  9. Out of all of these, i’d actually like to see a side-story sort of thing revolving around “The Rise of the Red Shadow”. Sorrel specifically, she’s an interesting character and, while Rise of the Red Shadow convinces us to grow attached to her, it doesn’t ever expand upon it!

    My fickle brain wants closure, did the Elven lands prove a better place for her and the twins? And if not, what happens?

    1. Every now and then a character that wasn’t in the original plan appears and turns out to be a real favorite. Ma in the sci-fi books is one example, and Sorrel is another. I could certainly see at least a mention in a future book, if not a short story entirely devoted to her. We’ll see how my schedule treats me next year.

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