Next NaNoWriMo

Remember last year, right around November, when I stopped writing The Rise of the Red Shadow long enough to write a NaNoWriMo project? Well, I’m planning to do that again this year. Last year it produced a silly little story about super heroes with worthless powers. (If you’re wondering what ever happened to that book, well, time will tell.) Now that November is sneaking up on us far more quickly than any of use might have expected, I’m starting to think about what the next NaNoWriMo project will be. I know there are a lot of Book of Deacon fans out there who would love for it to be some little hidden story from somewhere in the BOD setting, but NaNoWriMo is a speed-writing exercise, and I’d rather not rush something like that. NaNoWriMo projects, for me, are an opportunity to do something new.

Now, since I ask the fans any time I do anything, I figure I may as well ask what you think I should write about. I’ve got some ideas kicking around in my head, some more fully formed than others. What I’d like to know from you is which previously unvisited genre you’d prefer to see from me.

  • Zombie
  • Steampunk
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Present or Near Future Sci-Fi
  • Superhero Sequel

Any comments are welcome, but right now what I’m mostly interested in is which genre you’d most like to see.

And now, at the risk of completely derailing the prior question, since I’m on the subject of what you folks would like to see from me next, after I wrap up my sci-fi project (which won’t be until late next year, in all probability, I’ll probably write move back into the Book of Deacon setting. Now, at this point there are lots of places for me to fill in stories. Which time period would you most like to see a story from?

  • Pre-Rise of the Red Shadow
  • Between Rise of the Red Shadow and The Book of Deacon
  • During The Book of Deacon Trilogy (side story involving characters not shown for most of the story)
  • Direct continuation of The Book of Deacon Trilogy
  • Between The Book of Deacon Trilogy and Jade
  • Direct sequel to Jade
  • After Jade

If you’d rather not comment, here’s a handy dandy survey to enter your answer!

I look forward to hearing your responses, and thanks for reading!