Fantasy Mini-Bundle

I’m proud to announce today that I’m being featured in another bundle from my friends at StoryBundle. In the past, they have included my books in their Big Bang Bundle and the subsequent Fantasy Bundle, which has resulted in them offering all of my books to date. When I released The Rise of the Red Shadow, I was once again given the opportunity to offer it in a bundle, but that’s not all. This time around, I was asked to curate the bundle. This was going to be a first of its kind mini-bundle, featuring a smaller number authors and a shorter duration than the standard bundles, and thus I was asked for some recommendations of authors who might have stories that would go well with my own. I’m happy to say I’ve become friendly with quite a few of my fellow indie authors, so I had a few ideas of who might be interested and might match well. After a bit of discussion and correspondence, we were able to gather contributions from two authors whose work and creativity have repeatedly earned my admiration and envy. Those authors are Lindsay Buroker and Charlotte E. English.


As the name would suggest, this bundle is a compact little sampling of our works, and it will be run just like any other bundle. If you head over to StoryBundle right now, you’ll be able to name your own price, anywhere from $2 to $100, to buy up to seven full length, DRM-free books. The standard bundle contains my own latest novel The Rise of the Red Shadow along with a special omnibus edition of Book 1 through 3 of Charlotte’s excellent Draykon series. For just a few dollars more, you’ll get Lindsay’s contribution, the first three books of the Emperor’s Edge series. I could rave about these stories for pages, but their success speaks for itself. Every book in this bundle is highly rated wherever it is available, and many of you will recognize the titles from recommendations made by various retailers after buying my own books. This is a great way to get your hands on a nice hearty slice of the oeuvre of two great authors, and a great way for me to finally use the word oeuvre in a sentence.

But wait, there’s more! Originally we’d discussed including more of my Book of Deacon stories in this bundle, to give folks a chance to read the trilogy if they enjoyed The Rise of the Red Shadow, but we agreed that including books that had been in a previous bundle wasn’t a great way to reward faithful bundlers, so instead I’m running my own sale concurrently. If you buy a bundle, you’ll be given Smashwords codes to buy books 2 and 3 of my trilogy for a buck a piece, with the first book free already.

You can purchase the bundle right here from September 17th to September 26th. Go on down and check it out!