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Hi folks. I’d mentioned my recently added chat up there. It is a sad and lonely place right now, what with me forsaking all else to get NaNoWriMo work done, but I’m far enough ahead that I’ve decided to schedule a chat to test it out. I’ll probably do one of these every once in a while.

The first ever Book of Deacon Fan Chat is scheduled for Nov. 23rd starting at 9pm Eastern.

What do you need to do to prepare? Not much. Just think about what you’d like to talk about and drop by the chat. There’s a small but very real chance that by then I’ll have completed the NaNo novel, so I can tease about that, maybe. You could ask questions about the books that are already out (point out plot holes for me to hastily explain away, etc), or you can ask me about the stuff I’ve got in the pipeline. Heck, you could ask me my favorite food. I’m just anxious to give this chat a try. I’ll post an update here when it goes live, but in the mean time, the chat is always available. Drop in, you might find another Deacon fan looking for a conversation. You’ll definitely see Wolloff in there, but don’t try to talk to him. He’s just our crotchety old administration bot, he won’t answer you.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing who shows up!

UPDATE: The chat is starting in just a few minutes. Click Here!

UPDATE: Just wrapped up the chat. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!


  1. You right NaNoWriMo was awesome! Now about the book Deacon, itbwas riveting and held me til the end! You captured my desire to follow Myranda hoping she discovers what has happened to her father, who the fox really is, and of course what is to happen with the budding friendships she’s made at the end of this the first book. You write so simply yet compellingly that I look forward to reading your next book, and the next, and the next. Your hard work has paid off handsomely.

  2. LongTimeNoSee! So much catching up to do, school has been super busy lately. I can’t believe I missed the chat — I’ve been waiting like 6-7 months since I posted that forum post about chat :'(

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