Another Apple Promotion!

Hi folks. Happy Turkey Day Eve! This is a season for taking stock of our blessings and giving thanks for all we have. In my case, I’ve had a tremendous amount of good fortune, and just yesterday I was made aware of yet another reason to be thankful. I received an email from Mark Coker, the big shot behind Smashwords. I love hearing from him for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that frequently his emails are to inform me that my payment is ready. This time, he had even more exciting news.

I recognize one of those covers, do you?


That’s right! Apple, through iBooks, has selected me as one of ten “Emerging Authors You Must Read” in Australia and New Zealand. Four of the authors ( James Maxwell, T.C. Southwell, Dionne Lister, and myself) are Smashwords Authors. The rest are traditionally published. How cool is that? I’m emerging down under… Well, putting it that way sounds dirty, but it is exciting nonetheless. This is an opportunity to reach an audience on the other side of the planet! For any Aussies and Kiwis visiting my site as a result of the promotion, welcome! I hope you’ve enjoyed my stories!

The promotion will run for two weeks (starting yesterday) which means it will bridge black friday, though that doesn’t really mean anything since that’s an American phenomenon… but still! I means that on the official day of Thanksgiving I’ll have plenty to be thankful for. You can find out more about the promotion at the Smashwords Blog. Here’s a glimpse of how the promotion looks!


Awesome! Thanks for reading!

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