Various Updates and Things

Hi everybody. I’ve got a bunch of little things upon which you good folks may want an update.

 Super Hero Poll Results

First, though I haven’t had a huge number of replies, the poll regarding the cover of the superhero books is currently favoring contacting Nick Deligaris (my usual cover artist) to do the cover. Opinions are split on what sort of stuff should be on the cover–with equal votes going to a logo, a single character, or a group of characters–but a Nick-style cover rather than a cartoon one is the clear winner so far.

Plush Research Continues

I had a brief spark of hope in the ongoing search for a good way to make the Myn or Solby plushies into merchandise. Some time ago I made the digital acquaintance of AnnaTheRed, a professional plush designer who works for the game developer Behemoth (the makers of Castle Crashers and Battle Block Theater, among other greats). She makes plush toys for a living, so I decided it might be helpful to pick her brain about how to proceed. Once her schedule opened up a bit she was good enough to reply to me, but unfortunately it was primarily to confirm what I’d already suspected. I’d have to have around 1000 plushies made in order to get the price down low enough for them to be affordable. Much as I’d like to pride myself for having an enthusiastic and growing following, I don’t think there’s a market for 1000 Myn or Solby plushies right now. That said, she did suggest I check out the New York Toy Fair if I want to seek out small manufacturers. An excuse to go to a toy fair is ALWAYS a good thing.

Other Cover Stuff

Back to covers again. My NaNoWriMo project for 2013, is just about to go to the editor, but in the mean time I’ve discussed the cover design with Nick, and he whipped something up. Normally I’d show it to you right now, but this time I’ve decided to be mean, cruel, and inhuman instead. I’m going to sit on it until it is finished, then do one of those fancy cover reveals like a real author would.

Another Chat?

I’m thinking of doing another Chat soon. Anyone interested? Any ideas of what the theme should be this time?

NaNoWriMo Contest

Last but not least, did anyone else succeed in their NaNoWriMo attempts? Because if so, please consider polishing it up and submitting it to the StoryBundle NaNoWriMo Bundle Contest, judged (in part) by yours truly!


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