A Birthday Message from Jo

Hello, all! On Monday (January 27th) I turn thirty-one years old. And on Tuesday (January 28th) The Book of Deacon turns four years old. I should probably do something special next year for its fifth anniversary.

Some of you out there might still be laboring under the misapprehension that I’m some sort of hotshot author who lives a dazzling life of luxury and sophistication. To illustrate the degree to which this is not the case, I’m going to give you a window into the festivities surrounding my birthday. Today I shoveled snow. I’ll evidently be doing that everyday from now until spring thanks to a bizarrely snow-rich winter we’ve been having. After I gave up on the shoveling, I moved inside and helped my brother and his friend install a replacement over-the-range microwave. This process involved (among other things) a chisel. The instruction manual didn’t call for it, but you can’t let those things boss you around. Right around the time we finished, some folks from IKEA delivered a buffet, so my brother and I moved on to building that. We finished with four extra screws, a dozen extra dowels, and one piece installed upside down, then managed to clog the drawers with junk before even moving it into its final position. The first official celebration will be dinner with the folks tomorrow, which will be either barbecue or Mexican.

On the actual day of my birthday I’ll be going to work because Mondays are busy and I don’t want to stick my supervisor with a ridiculous workload. The day after I’ll be taking a day off to do an interview, which you’ll learn more about once it nears its publication date. Later there will be another dinner or two, because it is easier to get friends together in small groups and also because anything that leads to more dinners can’t be bad. And that’s that. That’s how this fancy author spends his 31st birthday. I suspect there are more cultured ways to go about it, but I think it’s going to be a good one.

Now that I’ve bored you with that nonsense, let’s talk books stuff, shall we? I finished my primary contribution to a collaboration a few days ago. I won’t say precisely what that project is, because as with so many projects I dip my beak in, this one might fizzle before I have anything to show for it, so I don’t want to get your hopes up. That said, if it works out this project will generate more artwork that the rest of my projects combined, and that’s pretty cool.

I’ve also got some artwork in the works from Nick. It’s the cover to the other NaNoWriMo project that I finished. Once I get it finalized I’ll have two whole books just about ready to release. At that point I’ll pick some release dates and announce them.

Finally, because that’s a lot of words to have no pictures, check out what I got in the mail!

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  1. Plushies <3

    Happy late birthday Jo! sorry I haven't posted earlier but I've been ill (still am)… no school.
    Wish it would snow here.

    Here's a birthday present
    *1 free pass for self-motivation*
    You can redeem it anywhere, anytime!

      1. Thanks!
        I’m feeling a lot better now but it has been like 3 weeks now.
        Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that a few years ago my dad got a discount for this software called RPG MakerVXACE or something, and he decided to buy it for me. I’ve never really used it but I’ve decided to read through the Book of Deacon series again and create a game. If it’s good enough I’ll probably make one for Rise of the Red Shadow and maybe Jade too.

          1. You better.
            I’ve just started – snowy landscape, I’m about to create Myranda as a sprite

          2. In BoD, the currency was simply Gold, Silver, Half Silver, and Copper. There are fancier names for Tresson currency in The Rise of the Red Shadow, but in Book of Deacon it is mentioned that once the Northern Alliance formed, previous names for currencies, like “Ouns”, “Glints”, and “Dellics” were abandoned.

          3. Thanks.
            Also, can you help me come up with some class names for the characters? e.g. Assassin for Lain or similar character, Chosen ones etc.

          4. Lain would certainly be an assassin. Myranda would probably be a wizard or mage. (Maybe “Chosen Mage” if you want to set her apart.) Ether is an elemental or shape shifter, though I guess in game terms she could be a wizard/mage too. Myn is a dragon, which I guess would be a melee fighter with a fire attack. Ivy is primarily a Fighter, with some Berzerker aspects. Trigorah and Desmeres are Fighters.

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